LucidView presents content filter solution

Johannesburg, 28 Jan 2019

Filtering online content can be a difficult task, with the primary challenge being cost versus effectiveness. However, not having a good content filter solution in place is no longer an option. The risks are simply too high.

LucidView's content filter solution

LucidView has launched its LucidView Enforcer, which is a powerful content filter and Internet traffic reporting solution. This solution comes at an extremely affordable price, while at the same time being very effective. The LucidView Enforcer solution provides "Clean Internet" as defined by you and/or your clients.

Standard LucidView Enforcer

LucidView has launched the Standard LucidView Enforcer for home users, schools, as well as the SME market, which is available in the UK and SA for a just $4 (+-R55) per month.

The solution provides responsible parents and teachers with peace of mind that the Internet is clean and child-friendly.

Included is the time-based rules feature, which allows parents and teachers to determine how long and exactly when their children have access to social media, streaming video services and any other category they wish to control.

Bolt-On LucidView Enforcer

In the larger enterprise, ISP, MSP and VAR space, LucidView has the Bolt-On Enforcer solution that is able to offer content filtering services for literally millions of users, with thousands of profiles, all running on a single, powerful MikroTik router. This Bolt-On Enforcer comes with a white label option, and a full API that enables these organisations relatively easy integration.

Visibility: reports and dashboards

The LucidView Enforcer is not only a very powerful content filter, it also comes with easy-to-understand Internet traffic reporting features, providing a vital component of security. The Bolt-On Enforcer also enjoys full dashboard access, providing visibility at a glance.

"One can't manage what one can't see."

LucidView Enforcer - International

LucidView International has seen increasing adoption of its LucidView Enforcer product across Europe and the United Kingdom, see

Also, LucidView recently been presented at the MUM Conferences in both Birmingham and Istanbul.

If you are familiar with MikroTik routers, please feel free to take advantage of our free trial and test the solution for yourself.


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