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Meet Fortinet Advisor, a generative AI assistant that accelerates threat investigation, remediation

Fortinet harnesses more than a decade of AI innovation and deep threat expertise to empower customers with a cutting-edge GenAI tool that upskills cyber security teams.

Johannesburg, 08 Jan 2024
Fortinet Advisor is a generative AI assistant.
Fortinet Advisor is a generative AI assistant.

Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT), which positions itself as the global cyber security leader driving the convergence of networking and security, today added Fortinet Advisor, a generative AI (GenAI) assistant, to its portfolio of more than 40 AI-powered offerings. AI has served as the backbone of the Fortinet Security Fabric and FortiGuard Labs threat intelligence and security services for more than a decade, and the implementation of GenAI is Fortinet’s latest innovation designed to protect customers and keep business operations online. The initial release of Fortinet Advisor will help support and guide security operations (SecOps) teams so they can investigate and remediate threats faster than ever before.

“Fortinet has pioneered artificial intelligence innovation within cyber security, and to date, we’ve delivered more than 40 AI-powered offerings that put the transformative power of this technology into customers’ hands,” said Michael Xie, Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer at Fortinet. “We’re excited to build on our legacy as a leader in AI cyber security innovation with Fortinet Advisor, which combines Fortinet’s vast intelligence network with the benefits of GenAI to increase security team productivity and accelerate threat detection and mitigation.”

Fortinet Advisor empowers SecOps teams

Today, Fortinet Advisor is available within FortiSIEM, Fortinet’s security information and event management solution, and FortiSOAR, Fortinet’s security orchestration, automation and response offering.

Fortinet Security Operations Solutions already enable customers to slash the time needed to identify and contain threats from more than 20 days to less than an hour and condense investigation and remediation timelines from more than 18 hours to 15 minutes or less. By providing contextually aware incident analysis, remediation guidance and playbook templates, Fortinet Advisor delivers critical information in natural language within seconds so SecOps teams can further reduce the mean time to detect and respond as well as improve their organisations’ overall risk posture.

Michael Xie, Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer at Fortinet.
Michael Xie, Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer at Fortinet.

Specific benefits of Fortinet Advisor for SecOps teams include:

  • Interprets security incidents: Fortinet Advisor rapidly analyses alerts to generate easy-to-understand incident summaries within seconds, including context and potential impact.
  • Builds complex investigation queries: Fortinet Advisor helps security analysts generate productive queries to aid investigations. Analysts enter their desired insights – in natural language – into Fortinet Advisor, which creates precise syntax to return useful results.
  • Creates remediation plans: Fortinet Advisor aids in rapid threat response by suggesting threat remediation plans. It can also refine suggested response plans based on real-time analyst feedback.
  • Augments playbook creation: Security architects can consult Fortinet Advisor to generate playbook templates, translating processes into actionable plans quickly.

Fortinet Advisor is continuously updated and refined by Fortinet AI and product specialists. Fortinet experts regularly refresh the assistant’s knowledge base with the latest threat information and optimise its interactions and results.

More than a decade of AI-powered threat research, prevention, detection and response

Fortinet has been on the bleeding edge of AI innovation for more than a decade, and more than 700 000 customers already benefit from AI-powered offerings, including FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services, FortiAIOps, FortiEDR and FortiAnalyzer. The use of AI across the Fortinet Security Fabric aids in zero-day threat detection, helps remediate today’s most sophisticated attacks and enables IT teams to refine and resolve networking and security issues before they impact the organisation.

Industry-leading cyber security platform

The Fortinet Security Operations portfolio is a part of Fortinet’s cyber security platform –the Fortinet Security Fabric – and because of this tight integration, organisations can move from a reactive to a proactive security posture and quickly detect and disrupt cyber threats. Fortinet Security Operations Solutions utilise AI and advanced analytics to identify sophisticated threats early in the kill chain and automate response activity across the Fortinet Security Fabric to speed investigation and remediation.

“GenAI has the power to make security teams smarter, more efficient and more productive. Fortinet Advisor, which is backed by Fortinet’s long history of AI innovation and deep threat expertise, can help organisations improve business operations and harden themselves against attack, especially for those struggling with the cyber security skills gap,” says Jon Oltsik, Distinguished Analyst and Fellow at Enterprise Strategy Group.