Mercedes rolls-out GenAI assistant for cars

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 11 Jan 2024
Mercedes-Benz unveils MBUX Virtual Assistant.
Mercedes-Benz unveils MBUX Virtual Assistant.

At CES 2024, German automotive company Mercedes-Benz introduced its MBUX virtual assistant (MBUX), powered by generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).

Mercedes says the new AI assistant will be the company’s most human-like interface to date. It aims to enhance the driving experience through features like personalised suggestions and interactions.

The development comes after fellow German manufacturer Volkswagen announced that it has integrated ChatGPT into its IDA voice assistant.

Magnus Östberg, CSO at Mercedes-Benz, expressed said, “With generative AI, our MBUX Virtual Assistant brings more trust and empathy to the relationship between car and driver. Thanks to our MB.OS chip-to-cloud architecture, our future vehicles will provide customers with exactly what they need when they need it.”

Using the system showcased in the VISION EQXX electric vehicle, MBUX uses generative AI to offer tailored suggestions such as playing the latest news in the morning or initiating a preferred massage programme at the end of the workday, with the option for automation. It comes with four personality modes: natural, predictive, personal and empathetic.

Markus Schäfer, CTO at Mercedes-Benz, said future Mercedes-Benz vehicles will better understand their drivers while complementing various aspects of their lives.

Running on the Mercedes operating system, the MBUX integrates with the forthcoming electric-first Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture platform, designed for the brand’s upcoming electric vehicle fleet.