Microsoft still a winner as SA businesses pivot to virtual tech operator model

Johannesburg, 12 Jun 2023

South African businesses are embracing everything as a service delivered through a new virtual tech operator model. However, while they are taking a next-generation approach to IT operations, they are opting to stick with their trusted Microsoft tools.

This is according to Pieter Van Zyl, Technical Director of MVT Systems, a young start-up virtual tech operator providing technology as a service, now making waves in the local market.

MVT Systems, a certified and accredited Microsoft Partner, offers “tech as a service” for organisations sized "from SME to JSE", with a skilled team and network of breed partners. The company addresses customers’ connectivity, cloud hosting, voice, managed services and all Microsoft 365 needs. By partnering with MVT, customers can reduce the IT resources they need, control IT costs and achieve greater efficiency and agility. “Because we are cloud-based, we can spin up infrastructure at the click of a button and move branches in a matter of hours,” he says.

Van Zyl says Microsoft, powered by First Distribution, remains a top choice for local customers: “As a business, it works for us. Everyone uses Word, Teams, Excel and SharePoint. Plus, Microsoft is at the forefront of cyber security, which is a top concern for local businesses.” Business Premium includes advanced security, access and data control, cyber threat protection and Azure Information Protection, he notes.

Van Zyl highlights several customers who have improved their operations by partnering with MVT and Microsoft.

Crossroads Distribution, a busy multinational logistics company, partnered with MVT to optimise its operations. “Time is money for them, so we built solutions helping them better manage KPIs and performance monitoring and helped them achieve significant savings,” says Van Zyl.

Warren Charles, IT Executive at Crossroads Distribution, says: “MVT Systems integrated Office 365 and SIEM Security to enhance productivity and collaboration within our corporation. The implementation of Office 365 immediately boosted productivity with its suite of applications and real-time collaboration features. By integrating SIEM Security, we ensured the security of our data and the ability to detect and respond to potential threats in real-time. This integration proved to be a game-changer, significantly improving efficiency and productivity while providing peace of mind for our core business operations.”

Abacus Insurance under listed entity Pepkor Holding needed to expand its IT resources across security, compliance, licensing and connectivity. Says Van Zyl: “They found that MVT Systems was the most cost-effective partner, while still meeting their rigorous security and compliance requirements.”

Gerrie Van Niekerk, IT Executive at Abacus Insurance, says: “MVT Systems helped us achieve unparalleled scalability and cost efficiency by leveraging Azure cloud services. Our full on-prem to cloud migration, including the full implementation of 2FA and SIEM security, has revolutionised our business. Azure's scalability has allowed us to easily adapt to the company's growth while maximising resource utilisation and reducing costs. With robust security measures in place, on site and in the cloud, we have ensured the security of our data and strengthened our risk management capabilities. This transformative journey positions Abacus Insurance as an innovative organisation ready for future opportunities in the digital landscape.”

Avianto Private School, opting to focus on its core business of education, partnered with MVT Systems to manage and support their IT systems.

Mark Moore, Headmaster at Avianto Private School, says: “MVT Systems revolutionised our educational approach by implementing a comprehensive set of measures. By combining private classroom training with an Education 365 licence, Avianto Private School can offer an enriched learning experience, with the integration of safe and secure browsing to protect students against harmful content. These initiatives transformed the educational landscape at Avianto, empowering students to thrive in a safe and advanced learning environment.”

MVT Systems is enjoying phenomenal growth as growing numbers of South African businesses choose to partner with a virtual tech operator to manage their Microsoft 365 environment and broader IT infrastructure. Van Zyl says: “With MVT Systems, they get a no red tape partner who will customise, scale, manage and future-proof your IT environment.”

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