Mozilla pushes Firefox 4

By James Lawson, ITWeb journalist
Johannesburg, 12 Jul 2010

Mozilla pushes Firefox 4

Mozilla has released the beta of Firefox 4, promising additional beta versions of the browser every few weeks as it refines features, states eWeek.

While Firefox holds a healthy portion of the browser market, it is facing increasing competition against Google's Chrome browser.

"Your feedback is essential to help shape the product, which is why we're launching now to hear from you early in our development process," says Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox development at Mozilla.

YouTube unveils HTML5 mobile site

Google has released a mobile version of its video-sharing Web site, YouTube, that includes HTML5 video browsing, says Wired.

The site will function with any browser that supports HTML5's video tag, with the video's loading inside a browser-based player.

The switch to an HTML5-based mobile experience comes only a week after YouTube published a public memo stating several places where HTML5 falls short when compared to Flash for delivering video.

Aestiva opens IDE

Aestiva Software has released the Aestiva Array browser-native application development environment for free, reports Information Week.

The components include a relational database engine, rapid application development environment, and its HTML and operating system fourth generation programming language.

The new developer edition does not have the restrictions of the previous trials. The company is still selling its Professional Edition, and will continue to sell support and training services.