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MSPs, enterprises can take control of their networks with Cambium Networks’ ONE Network

Johannesburg, 15 Sep 2023
ONE Network provides one IT experience with common management.
ONE Network provides one IT experience with common management.

Organisations need to deliver top-notch online experiences with a minimum of resources. With Cambium Networks’ comprehensive portfolio of wireless, wired, security and SD-WAN solutions, you can easily deploy technology. Cambium’s solutions deliver outstanding user experiences across your enterprise operation, enabling you to focus on your business and applications, rather than on individual network elements.

“Single-pane, cloud-based management systems that traverse multiple network and security systems make it easier for both enterprises and MSPs to manage an IT system,” says Teresa Huysamen, Wireless Business Unit Executive at Duxbury Networking, local distributor of Cambium Networks technology.

Cambium Networks’ ONE Network provides one IT experience with common management. It includes:

  1. cnMaestro X – single cloud dashboard.
  2. Network Service Edge security services.
  3. Wireless backbone – multi-Gigabit 60GHz 802.11ay.
  4. Switching – wireless-optimised ethernet.
  5. Indoor and outdoor WiFi.

Simple and sophisticated management with cnMaestro X

cnMaestro X offers elastic scalability and single-pane-of-glass management to deliver secure, end-to-end network and wireless life cycle management to simplify operations and ongoing maintenance on the wired and wireless network. The solution includes:

  • MSP Dashboard – Managed service providers (MSPs) can differentiate their brand to address specific sub-markets in their service area.
  • APIs and Webhooks – Restful APIs and Webhooks for integration with existing OSS/BSS systems and event monitoring.
  • Long-term historical data – two-year data retention for FWB and one-year data retention for enterprise and IIOT devices.

Robust security for the enterprise

Enterprise Edge Defence allows you to:

  • Enable intrusion detection and prevention with a single click – Cambium’s industry-leading IPS engine instantly protects your network against threats. The IDS engine supports community and paid premium rules.
  • Create advanced firewall layer-3 and application-based rules to protect your network. Use advanced geo-IP filters to deny or allow traffic to/from specific countries.
  • Shut down traffic to known malware sites with a malware offender database that is continuously updated to guard against emerging bad actors.
  • Get an audit of security vulnerabilities for devices on your network – and get notified when critical vulnerabilities are discovered.

Cambium’s NSE 3000 provides a comprehensive set of security and WAN services for remote or small/medium locations. With throughput of up to 1Gbps, it boasts an industry-leading IDS/IPS engine, advanced application and geo-IP firewalls, LAN vulnerability assessment, anti-malware protection and SD-WAN services. The NSE is managed via cnMaestro as part of the Cambium ONE network.

Proven multi-Gigabit wireless backhaul solutions – cnWave 60GHz

Rapidly extend your network outdoors, including connecting buildings, parking lots, sports fields or other locations, without the cost and hassle of trenching. Systems can be configured for point-to-point (PTP), point-to-multipoint (PMP) or efficient mesh modes. High-performance 60GHz solutions enable efficient wireless backhaul speeds up to 4.8Gbps that do not create a network choke point.

Wireless-optimised switch solutions that simplify life

Cambium’s switch solutions:

  • Integrate seamlessly with Cambium WiFi, security and outdoor wireless as an end-to-end managed network.
  • Have multi-gigabit speeds and Power over Ethernet optimised to support high-performance wireless access points and subscriber nodes.
  • Are available as indoor and ruggedised solutions for all types of deployment environments.

Policy-based automation (PBA) means you:

  • Have zero-touch simplicity. This eliminates the need to colour-code ports.
  • Have automated security: Programmable device profiling, network segmentation and policy enforcement. Automatic port clean-up on device disconnects.
  • Benefit from error-free operations: Reduce time, effort and human mistakes by removing the need for manual configuration.

Cambium indoor and outdoor WiFi

Cambium WiFi provides:

  • Simple onboarding for users and devices. Directly integrate with Microsoft Azure and Google G-suite for Single-Sign-On (SSO) with your applications and WiFi.
  • Application intelligence at the edge. Identify and control access to more than 2 400 applications directly in the AP and select to prioritise, limit or block access.
  • Ultra-long range outdoor WiFi. High-efficiency antenna technology enables significantly greater outdoor WiFi coverage across campus networks and public hotspots. Less equipment and supporting infrastructure is required, resulting in lower TCO.
  • High-density access points. Industry-exclusive, high-density APs with a unique multi-radio design and software-defined radios deliver greater operational efficiencies with less equipment.
  • Scalable and secure roaming. Cambium’s ePSK provides unique WiFi security credentials per user to enable seamless, secure roaming across a property. Unmatched scalability is supported – up to 2 000 ePSKs per access point.

“We have discovered that MSPs and enterprise companies offering a converged and automated system can respond more effectively to customers’ needs to implement business rules and to resolve problems,” says Huysamen. 

For more information, contact Duxbury Networking, (+27) 011 351 9800,,


Duxbury Networking

Since its formation in 1984 by CEO, Graham Duxbury, Duxbury Networking has embraced ongoing technological changes within the ICT sector in order to provide its customers with access to the latest trends and solutions. Satisfying the evolving and diverse needs of its customer base is achieved through an emphasis on sourcing cost-effective, high-quality products from carefully selected local and international vendors. Aligned with this is the provision of uncompromising technical support, which is possible due to an extensive investment in the training and upskilling of its team. The company is driven to take an active role in reshaping and redefining the South African digital landscape in its mission to help its customers build a network that will support current and future technologies. 

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