MTN appoints Bradley Swanepoel as chief risk officer

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 19 Jul 2023
Bradley Swanepoel, MTN chief risk officer.
Bradley Swanepoel, MTN chief risk officer.

Mobile operator MTN has appointed Bradley Swanepoel as chief risk officer, effective 1 October.

In a statement, the telco says Swanepoel, who presently holds the position of general manager: finance business partner, has organisation-wide experience, having served MTN’s enterprise, consumer, fintech and technology businesses.

According to the company, he possesses a comprehensive understanding of MTN's operations that aligns perfectly with the requirements of a chief risk officer.

“Bradley is a seasoned CA (SA) and finance executive, with more than 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles,” says MTN SA CEO Charles Molapisi.

“With many of those years spent in telecoms, including his current tenure at MTN, Bradley offers a depth and breadth of understanding of the business and brings a strategic lens to risk management. This should help us enhance the role of risk as a strategic lever within our business.”

MTN adds that Swanepoel’s skills accumulated over the years include corporate strategy, financial reporting, risk and compliance and corporate governance at organisations like Smile Communications, BCX, Telkom Yellow Pages and Samsung Electronics.

“Bradley has a solid track record of managing complex business transformation programmes and has established not only local but Pan-African business operations and processes too,” says Molapisi.

“As we work to make sure we achieve our Ambition 2025 strategy, our business initiatives must be supported by functions that provide a sound foundation for our various commercial operations.

“The intricacy of today’s business environment and rapid changes require that to achieve our desired business and technological growth, having a strong risk assessment capability is essential to reducing business risks that could place productivity and profitability at risk.”

Swanepoel says: “South African businesses today, including MTN, face many challenges that pose a range of risks to all aspects of their operations. I look forward, with my team, to playing a part in ensuring MTN can identify and avoid these operational risks, so that it continues to fulfil its role as a leading provider of value-added services to South Africans.”