HR and Payroll

Datacentrix named first local Facebook Workplace reseller

Workplace is a secure space for companies to use familiar Facebook features, such as chat, news feeds, events and groups.


City Lodge Hotel Group looks to aNewSpring

The group implemented the e-learning solution to accommodate its employees across its 57 properties. [Local rep: New Leaf Technologies]


ICASA acts against gross misconduct

A response to a Parliament question shows the regulator dismissed 16 employees over the last five years, with gross insubordination cited as the top reason.


Curriculum needs overhaul to address future skills deficit

The country's curriculum must undergo changes so learners leave school with the skills to survive rapid technological changes.

11 Oct

Knowledge is power in customer service

Enabling contact centre staff to be more efficient and motivated enhances customer experience and helps retain and attract employees.


SqwidNet makes Phathizwe Malinga permanent MD

Internet of things player SqwidNet finally appoints a permanent MD to replace Reshaad Sha, who left in April.

10 Oct

Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool

The company's experimental artificial intelligence hiring tool showed bias against women, highlighting the limitations of machine learning.


SARS looks to chief disruptors to keep pace in digital age

The South African Revenue Service's digital technology team has added chief disruptors to its employ.


HR must focus on strategic alignment

HR departments that continue to focus on compliance and administration at the cost of strategic alignment and enablement risk losing their place at the boardroom table, says Coenette Bosman, head of Consulting, HRP at Parity.


Build a successful cyber security awareness programme

Developing a strong cyber security culture in the workforce should be the end result for any successful awareness programme, says Dan Thornton, director and founder of GoldPhish.


Thoughtonomy, DigiBlu boost virtual workers in Africa

The companies collaborate to bring Thoughtonomy's Virtual Workforce platform to African organisations.