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MTN, Eseye to offer IOT capabilities across Africa

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 18 Sept 2023
Lawrence Juku, head of IOT Solutions at MTN Business.
Lawrence Juku, head of IOT Solutions at MTN Business.

MTN South Africa has strengthened its partnership with Eseye, a UK-headquartered internet of things (IOT) services firm, by signing a multi-year IOT agreement.

According to a statement, the renewed partnership will see Eseye's IOT solutions deployed in SA, with the aim of expanding the solutions to 18 MTN operating companies across Africa.

The companies first announced their collaboration at Mobile World Congress 2019.

The renewed partnership involves integration of Eseye's IOT solutions with MTN’s current infrastructure, to meet MTN’s global requirements, as well as support its Pan-African customers with IOT deployments.

Eseye has developed an IOT managed service platform with embedded eSIMs, targeting global businesses that want to have unified control, rapid deployment and management of their IOT devices.

“Eseye's expertise and solutions will help us to accelerate the deployment of IOT across Africa and meet the needs of our customers,” says Lawrence Juku, head of IOT solutions at MTN Business.

“Our new IOT Connectivity Management Platform, powered by Eseye, will enable us to meet our IOT connectivity goals, and deliver differentiated services across different IOT verticals.”

MTN says it has ambitions to grow its IOT offerings across SA and its continental footprint.

Through this partnership, MTN will provide an enhanced cloud-based platform that provides a single point of management for IOT devices, offering a range of local and international features, including remote provisioning, device management and analytics.

Nick Earle, CEO of Eseye, comments: “We’re delighted that MTN has put its trust in Eseye to deliver a new global eSIM and IOT platform that will help their customers achieve their extended IOT goals.

“We are proud to be awarded this multi-year agreement with MTN, which is a significant contract for Eseye.”