MultiChoice chooses mobile developer

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 16 Jan 2008

MultiChoice has licensed Silicon & Software Systems' (S3) onHandTVTM Software Development Kit for digital video broadcast across handheld (DVB-H) to develop its mobile broadcasting services.

"MultiChoice has already made huge strides in the mobile TV broadcast environment, having launched commercial DVB-H services in Namibia, Kenya and Nigeria in 2007," says Linda Vermaas, CEO of DStv Mobile, the company's mobile TV business unit.

She says S3 is part of a technology investigation by the mobile TV unit into new broadcast options during the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

"We are very proud to have been selected by MultiChoice to provide our expertise and software IP to enhance their entry into the interactive mobile TV services arena," says Philip Brennan, VP of consumer systems at S3.

Late last year, MultiChoice launched a trial Web site offering video content from selected local DStv channels, which can be streamed or downloaded. Selected DStv premium customers were invited to participate in the trial.

At the time, Richard Fyffe, MultiChoice GM of New Media, said: "DStv Broadband is another platform for us to deliver content. The trials signify our commitment to providing a service that will complement our customers' lifestyles."

The two technologies were initially investigated to offset the impact of the incoming pay-TV competition. The company said it was looking to the new technologies to extend the ways in which it reaches customers.

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