Navigating integration's hidden costs and other risks

Integration helps businesses enjoy sustained success in an interconnected digital landscape. The right partner and software avoid integration's hidden costs and risks.

Johannesburg, 26 Jul 2023
The right partner and software avoid integration's hidden costs and risks.
The right partner and software avoid integration's hidden costs and risks.

Software integration is crucial for business functionality in today's digital era, facilitating seamless system interoperability. But integration projects often also reveal hidden costs, inefficiencies and challenges. When combined with less competent technical management, these challenges can intensify.

To minimise disruption and avoid trouble, CxO should deploy the right tools for their integration project and leverage strong vendor relationships to access cost-effective skills and experience.

Software + skills = excellent integration.
Software + skills = excellent integration.

Software + skills = excellent integration

In the data era, the benefits of software integration are almost self-evident. Professional integration can incorporate legacy systems rather than sideline or remove them. It can deliver secure and lean information flows between systems and their users. Integration provides more comprehensive options than monolithic and overly centralised architectures.

Integration success requires a solid grasp of desired business outcomes, collaborative planning with stakeholders and platform owners, appreciation for the established systems environment and effective integration deployment, testing and enhancement.

Organisations should engage with skilled integration professionals and harness the best software integration tools. Leading integration providers bring experience and honed skillsets to the table, providing ways to tackle unforeseen problems or costs and avoiding past mistakes.

mWtech (middleware technologies) specialises in impactful integrations across legacy, traditional and cutting-edge systems. Our software of choice is Software AG webMethods: this integration technology solution is excellent at detecting and rectifying potential integration issues.

We maintain strong relationships with vendors like Software AG, the powerhouse behind webMethods. These relationships provide expert guidance and ongoing support to navigate integration complexities, often compensating for any potential deficiencies in in-house technical management. They play a critical role in managing and minimising hidden costs, providing insights into potential issues and enabling businesses to maximise the value of their integration investments.

webMethods: Bridging the gap.
webMethods: Bridging the gap.

webMethods: Bridging the gap

webMethods offers a comprehensive, adaptable solution to integration issues. Businesses gain a bird's-eye view of their integrations, identifying hidden problems, inefficiencies and expenses.

  • Enhanced visibility: webMethods delivers a consolidated view of all integrations, enabling quick inspection, effective monitoring and the capacity to identify bottlenecks promptly. This feature helps reduce operational costs and improve productivity.
  • Improved efficiency: webMethods' integration platform reduces custom coding requirements through a robust set of pre-built connectors. It automates repetitive tasks, saving valuable resources and minimising human error.
  • Scalability: webMethods scales effortlessly to accommodate increased loads as your business grows, eliminating the need for continual infrastructure investments.
  • Future-proofing: webMethods supports a broad range of protocols and standards, ensuring your business stays ahead of technology trends without requiring extensive rework or additional investments.
Integration can be cost-effective and deliver.
Integration can be cost-effective and deliver.

Integration can be cost-effective and deliver

Integration is the leading way to accomplish digital transformation on an organisation's terms and established investments. Get the most from modern integration while muting those challenges and concerns.

mWtech, leveraging webMethods and our relationships with Software AG, delivers integration success.

We have extensive experience that delivers rapid results across different business transformation requirements. mWtech business and technology experts travel the entire journey with our customers. Our close alignment with Software AG accelerates digital transformation while retaining the positive qualities of critical legacy technologies.

mWtech offers free demonstrations of our processes and customer cases, helping them choose and motivate their best modernisation steps. Contact us to learn more about mWtech services or how we use integration to improve your business's performance.

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