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Navigating the new era of enterprise integration with Super iPaaS

Johannesburg, 27 Nov 2023
Navigating the new era of enterprise integration with Super iPaaS.
Navigating the new era of enterprise integration with Super iPaaS.

The enterprise IT sector is in the middle of a significant transformation, a shift that's redefining the very fabric of how businesses operate and integrate their core systems. The move from conventional integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to the more advanced and comprehensive Super iPaaS marks a pivotal moment in this journey. This evolution transcends mere technological upgrade; it represents a strategic realignment towards an era where uninterrupted connectivity becomes the backbone of enterprise efficiency and success.

Super iPaaS emerges as a beacon of innovation, heralding a future where the integration of applications, data, APIs and the entire ecosystem of digital operations is not just streamlined but also imbued with intelligence and adaptability. This is a future where businesses are not bogged down by the inertia of legacy systems or siloed data, but are propelled forward by the fluid exchange of information and seamless interplay of services across various platforms and environments.

This strategic pivot is about envisioning a future where IT infrastructure becomes invisible yet omnipotent, enabling businesses to focus on growth, customer engagement and innovation without the encumbrances of traditional integration challenges. Super iPaaS is the key to unlocking this potential, providing a platform that not only integrates but also harmonises the diverse components of modern IT landscapes. It's a shift that promises to redefine the competitive edge for businesses, turning their IT systems into a cohesive, dynamic force that drives business value and market leadership.

Customer experience: The competitive edge.
Customer experience: The competitive edge.

Customer experience: The competitive edge

Customer experience (CX) has emerged as the primary competitive differentiator in the business world. As integration becomes the cornerstone of delivering exceptional CX, the complexity of managing various systems and data has been a significant challenge. Super iPaaS, introduced by Software AG and supported by mWtech professional services, offers a solution to this 'chaos of connectivity'.

Limitations of traditional iPaaS

The legacy iPaaS has been limited by its inability to efficiently manage the intricate web of modern enterprise systems. Issues such as development silos and the inefficiencies of handling multiple vendors have created a need for a more agile and unified approach to integration.

The rise of Super iPaaS

Marking a new chapter in 2023, Software AG, with the support of professional services mWtech, unveils Super iPaaS. This platform is designed to overcome the shortcomings of traditional iPaaS by offering a comprehensive solution that integrates applications, data, APIs, B2B and events. It promises to deliver the agility, productivity and governance required for the digital age.

The pillars of Super iPaaS.
The pillars of Super iPaaS.

The pillars of Super iPaaS

Super iPaaS rests on five key pillars:

  • A cloud-first strategy for enterprise-wide hybrid integration.
  • Compliance with stringent global data sovereignty laws.
  • The adoption of generative AI to drive productivity enhancements.
  • A consistent and intuitive user interface across the platform.
  • The flexibility to integrate any system, anywhere, with ease.

Distinctive features of Super iPaaS

Super iPaaS, differentiated by its robust capabilities, includes:

  • The ability to develop and deploy integrations across various environments, reducing redundancy.
  • Centralised control with the convenience of distributed execution.
  • A harmonious loop of app and data integration, for a seamless data flow.
  • A unified interface that simplifies management and boosts productivity.
  • Support for a composable business architecture, enabling rapid and responsive app development.
  • The integration of generative AI throughout the integration life cycle for smarter automation.
  • AI and data: The core of digital transformation

AI's role in digital transformation is pivotal, with the Microsoft Cloud providing the necessary infrastructure and security. mWtech, in conjunction with Software AG's Super iPaaS, ensures that businesses can leverage AI to its full potential, transforming data into actionable insights and driving innovation.

Vision for the future.
Vision for the future.

Vision for the future

Software AG, supported by mWtech, is set to revolutionise enterprise integration with Super iPaaS. This platform is crafted to meet today's integration demands and adapt to tomorrow's challenges, ensuring that businesses remain agile and data-centric.

Recognising that the future of business hinges on seamless integration and technological adaptability, Super iPaaS is poised to be the backbone of a dynamic enterprise environment. The partnership between Software AG and mWtech is central to this, merging tech innovation with industry expertise.

As enterprises prepare for the future, Software AG and mWtech stand ready as strategic partners, committed to making Super iPaaS the cornerstone of a connected and proactive business landscape.


The shift towards Super iPaaS is a critical strategic move for businesses aiming to fully leverage their data and system capabilities. Software AG's advanced platform, complemented by mWtech professional delivery services, equips enterprises with the tools to establish a connectivity framework that fosters ongoing enhancement and a competitive edge in a digital-first landscape.

This transition is not merely about keeping pace with technological trends, but about setting a new standard for operational excellence and innovation. With the combined strengths of Software AG's platform innovations and mWtech expertise in implementation, organisations are positioned to unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency and market responsiveness, ensuring they not only adapt to the digital era, but also shape its trajectory.