Netcampus partners with Cirrus to provide secure online assessments

Johannesburg, 02 May 2024
Secure online assessments.
Secure online assessments.

Netcampus has announced a new partnership with Cirrus Assessment, a world-leading provider of online assessments, to assist clients with secure online assessments. This partnership will assist clients with secure online assessments and revolutionise the online assessment landscape in South Africa.

With virtual facilitator-based learning becoming the norm, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of assessments in the learning curve has become crucial. Assessments are not just about producing a pass/fail result, it must play an integral role within the learning process. Research has shown that proper use of assessments can increase student engagement by more than 75%.

Cirrus has a strong track record in South Africa, specifically in the education market, with clients including the University of Pretoria, the University of the Free State and North-West University.

The partnership between Netcampus and Cirrus will focus not just on universities, but also on corporate clients looking for an online assessment platform. Cirrus is already being used by a number of clients in the financial sector worldwide. The partnership is also an ideal solution for any awarding bodies.

Netcampus and Cirrus are focused on making online assessments as easy and stress-free as possible, with excellent support and a user-friendly and innovative platform.

This partnership will lead to the ability for clients to easily create powerful exams aimed at modern learners, allow for the high-stake exams to be delivered safely and securely, including AI Proctoring.

The Cirrus tagline: “Your exams, our purpose” stands true. Exams can be challenging, but the e-assessment software should not be! This powerful yet intuitive online exam platform lets you focus on what matters: helping your test takers succeed.

Furthermore, this will allow for the easy management and minimising workloads via a true partnership model. Our dedicated customer success teams ensure a seamless implementation, whether switching from paper or an alternative platform.

In summary, the partnership offers a complete implementation and change management process with online assessments as a managed services model.

We will be working our clients every step of the way to help deliver cutting-edge exams.

As the Netcampus Group, we are looking forward to the partnership with Cirrus to revolutionising the online assessment landscape in South Africa. 

Revolutionising the online assessment landscape.
Revolutionising the online assessment landscape.