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Netflorist to share customer service recovery imperatives at #ITWebCX2023

Lungile Msomi
By Lungile Msomi, ITWeb journalist
Johannesburg, 28 Sept 2023

Customer service recovery is all about fixing problems and making customers happy. It's how a business tackle complaints and issues on a way that not only fixes the problem but also improves customer satisfaction.

The significance of this aspect of service delivery is one of the main topics up for discussion at the ITWeb CX Summit 2023 on 5 October 2023 at the Maslow Hotel, Sandton.

Kieara Hyman, marketing manager at Netflorist is scheduled to present at the summit.

Speaking to ITWeb ahead of the event, Hyman said, “Customer service recovery is critical because it helps retain customer loyalty, meet expectations, protect a company's reputation, reduce churn, learn from mistakes, and comply with regulations. Effective recovery involves listening, apologising, resolving the issue, and offering compensation if needed. These are all valuable elements of customer service.”


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According to Hyman, customer service recovery has been revolutionised over the past five years with customers being more vocal of their needs and expectations through online platforms.

She highlighted key trends influencing customer service recovery, such as self-service portals, customer-centric culture, customer journey mapping, and real-time analytics.

“As businesses, we are able to understand customer needs and wants far better through analytical data which is driving most of our business decisions. Businesses can now actually make their customers feel heard and tailor their engagements with consumers,” she said. 

At the ITWeb CX Summit, Hyman will present a case staudy and share advice on:

  • How to support your customers in crisis;
  • How to collect and translate customer feedback and embed it into your CX strategy;
  • How to utilise social listening to align your brand with your customers.