Nexio edges closer to managed security services target

Christopher Tredger
By Christopher Tredger, Portals editor
Johannesburg, 19 Jun 2024
Nexio, a Vodacom company, officially launched its Security Operations Centre.
Nexio, a Vodacom company, officially launched its Security Operations Centre.

Vodacom company Nexio officially launched its Security Operations Centre (SOC) in early June, edging closer to its goal to become a comprehensive managed security services provider.

Johann Schoeman, senior security operations manager at Nexio, says the SOC is at the core of the company’s security operations and has a team of experts who monitor, detect, and respond to cyber incidents using advanced tools and technologies.

“We have incorporated digital forensics incident response services in our SOC service offering. This is a team ready for rapid response and deployment to assess, contain and advise on remediation measures. The team can also perform forensic investigations on systems to ascertain the threat or breach and gather forensic sound evidence for reporting and regulatory or legal requirements,” says Schoeman.

SA, Africa targeted

Basha Pillay, manager executive services at Nexio, says the SOC has been in operation for some time and already has four customers who are either on board or in the process of being onboarded.

Its launch, he says, is a significant development because South Africa and Africa have gained prominence as targets within the cyber security threat landscape.

Ed Gassner, CEO at Nexio, adds, “We’ve been building a security capability for some time, we’ve had a couple of false starts along the way, but for the last year and a bit, we’ve put our heads down and started something significant.”.

Gassner says the company has been around in various guises for twenty years and branded as Nexio five years ago.

“With that branding, we made a strategic decision to move the business from being largely a reseller, to what I like to call ‘a new-age systems integrator’. We build our business around OEMs and the platforms they have.”

Microsoft is one of Nexio’s strategic OEM partners and, together with Nexio’s connection to Vodacom, plays a key role in efforts to strengthen Nexio’s brand.