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Nextivity’s role in driving sustainable corporate practices in SA

Thought leadership piece by Tobie van Schalkwyk, Business Unit Manager at Duxbury Networking.

Johannesburg, 30 Jan 2024
Responsible corporate practices.
Responsible corporate practices.

As a leading provider of cellular connectivity solutions in the country, Nextivity technology has become instrumental in fostering sustainable practices in corporate environments. Reliable and effective communication are cornerstones to facilitating sustainability across the business landscape.

Throughout South Africa, companies are focusing on implementing sustainability as an integral part of their business strategies. However, the journey comes with its own set of challenges. This is especially the case when it comes to maintaining efficient operations while minimising any potential environmental impact. And this is the space in which Nextivity works – by providing organisations with extensive cellular connectivity that enables more sustainable business practices.

Reducing the carbon footprint

One of the low-hanging fruit when it comes to having reliable connectivity is that it helps in reducing the corporate carbon footprint. For instance, Nextivity’s IntelliBoost advanced signal-boosting technology enables companies to facilitate remote work and virtual meetings more easily.

This significantly reduces the need for travel, whether this takes the form of daily commutes or long-distance business trips. In turn, this contributes to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. With many countries grappling with environmental concerns, making the transition to a more digital, less travel-intensive strategy benefits not only a company, but also the health of the planet.

Enhancing resource efficiency

Another aspect where Nextivity’s solutions make a substantial impact is resource efficiency. In many local companies, particularly in sectors like manufacturing and logistics, efficient use of resources is crucial.

Reliable connectivity ensures real-time monitoring and management of resources, leading to reduced waste and optimised usage. Whether it is managing energy consumption in offices or overseeing material use in factories, better connectivity leads to more informed decision-making.

Supporting green technologies

Nextivity is also at the forefront of supporting the adoption of green technologies in corporate South Africa. For instance, Nextivity technology can enhance the implementation of IOT (internet of things) solutions in industries.

IOT devices, when connected reliably, can monitor environmental conditions, track energy usage and even control lighting and heating systems to ensure they are used optimally. This integration of technology in everyday operations is a leap towards making corporate spaces not just smarter, but also greener. This significantly reduces the load on the country’s strained grid.

Employee sustainability

Beyond technological implementations, Nextivity’s connectivity solutions play a crucial role in empowering employees to participate in sustainability initiatives. Access to tools that provide the means to effectively communicate and access information means employees are kept more informed and engaged with the company’s sustainability goals.

Examples of this include participating in energy-saving programmes to getting involved in corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects that focus on environmental conservation.

Nextivity believes in promoting a culture of sustainability that goes beyond its immediate products and services. By ensuring reliable connectivity, Nextivity encourages businesses to embrace digital transformations that lead to less paper use, more efficient operations and a mindset shift towards eco-friendly practices. This is vital at a time when sustainable development is key to economic growth and social well-being.

Future commitment

Nextivity’s commitment to sustainable corporate practices forms a core part of its business DNA. As technology evolves, the organisation will ensure clients have access to the latest solutions that help enhance sustainability. As Nextivity continues its research and development to optimise connectivity for the digital world, it is constantly looking for new ways in which this can empower companies to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining high operational standards.

From reducing carbon footprints to enhancing resource efficiency and supporting green technologies, Nextivity solutions are at the heart of corporate sustainability efforts. As Nextivity continues to innovate and support businesses in their sustainability journeys, we will also remain dedicated to the vision of a greener, more sustainable corporate South Africa.


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