Novell, CSA reveal certification

By James Lawson, ITWeb journalist
Johannesburg, 03 Mar 2010

Novell, CSA reveal certification

Novell and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) have released a cloud security certification programme to spur cloud adoption and increase confidence in cloud security, says ChannelWeb.

The vendor-neutral Trusted Security Certification programme provides security-specific cloud certification, education and outreach for cloud providers.

The programme provides knowledge of industry-recommended, security and interoperable identity, access and compliance management configurations and practices, providing a standard to remove concerns about cloud security, governance and control of their data and IT assets.

NetApp unveils solutions for enterprise IT

NetApp unveiled its solutions geared for service providers to help them deliver greater value to its cloud customers, reports PRWire.

The NetApp solutions help service providers differentiate their cloud services, accelerating services time to market, and achieve industry-leading cost and service-level benefits.

Amane Kito, corporate officer, deputy division head of Softbank's sales development division says: “White Cloud offers one of the lowest price points in the market, the flexibility of per-volume charge models, and off-balance sheet business solutions.”

CommandCenter centralises administration

Raritan released its latest version of CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC-SG), software to help data centre administrators manage IT equipment from a single resource management portal, states ThomasNet News.

CC-SG enables administrators to access, diagnose and control IT equipment at the application, operating system and BIOS levels to promote security. The release of CC-SG provides service processor manager support and tighter integration with Raritan's Power IQ power and energy management software.

"CommandCenter Secure Gateway Release 4.3 helps administrators address key data centre tasks, from diagnosing and resolving IT problems quickly, to upgrading software on servers, to handling power control needs," says Peter Suriani, director of product management at Raritan.