Novell SA appoints new country manager

Johannesburg, 16 Jan 2008

Novell South Africa has appointed Michelle Beetar as country manager. Beetar assumed her new position on 2 January 2008 and takes over the reins from Stafford Masie, who resigned in August 2007.

Desan Naidoo, who has been acting as country manager for the past few months, will continue at the company in the role of sales director.

Beetar joins Novell from Oracle South Africa where she was Industry Director of Financial Services and is also formerly CEO of MWeb CommerceZone.

"2008 has seen new talent and energy brought into Novell South Africa. It is an exciting time for us and I feel very fortunate to have inherited a strong team. I have to commend Desan Naidoo on the role he has played in building the team over the past few months," says Beetar.

Like the Novell South Africa team, Novell's infrastructure software products have a strong traditional core backbone along with exciting new elements.

"Many of Novell's products, such as Identity Management, have already been successfully deployed within the local market, but to a certain extent we've hidden our light under a bush. We're looking to expose and replicate those successes and grow our reach quite significantly within the existing loyal customer base with new product offerings and also beyond that into new markets," continues Beetar.

"It goes without saying that our loyal distributors and partners have played a significant role in Novell SA's past success and these valued partners will play an even more important role in the future, as we embrace a sales model that supports taking more of our business indirect, allowing us to achieve our ambitious growth targets in the region."


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