Pangea launches enhanced Fax over IP service

Johannesburg, 02 Nov 2015

The local subsidiary of Pangea Communications has benefited from the investment made by its USA parent in the enhancement of its Fax over IP platform for the local South African market.

Pangea is now offering a much improved fax modem which makes installation a breeze, with provisioning and installation taking seconds, literally being "plug and play".

"We understand that the installation of equipment onsite is a costly and sometimes logistically difficult operation, and have therefore endeavoured to make the installation as easy as possible", says Anche Botha, COO of Pangea. The fax modems just need to be provisioned on the portal and shipped to the customer where it is connected to the Internet and fax machine. The installation then takes place automatically, without any need for onsite technical assistance.

Furthermore, Pangea is also targeting the MFP market since it owns the fax modem software, which can be adapted for multifunctional devices that can allow these devices to send faxes directly through the Internet, without the need for fixed lines anymore. This will greatly reduce the cost of faxing, and still allow for all the benefits of having a cloud-based fax service included, like the secure storage of faxes. "We continually enhance our services and technology, benefiting from Pangea's 18 years' global experience in the fax market," concludes Anche.


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