Parliament prepares for hybrid SONA 2022

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 07 Feb 2022

Just like last year, the 2022 State of the Nation Address (SONA) proceedings will take a hybrid format, with Members of Parliament joining in-person or virtually.

According to a Parliament statement, president Cyril Ramaphosa will address the hybrid joint sitting of the two houses (National Assembly and National Council of Provinces, NCOP) on Thursday, at 7pm, to deliver the SONA at the Cape Town City Hall.

A limited number of Members of Parliament and guests will be allowed inside the chamber, it adds.

Media will be required to follow the proceedings by linking up through a webinar, or in-person at the Cape Town City Hall.

“Given the COVID-19 regulations and the space limitations at the venue, only a limited number of seats have been reserved for media in the public gallery at the Cape Town City Hall. Not everyone who applied has been accredited,” reads the statement.

This year marks the first time SONA is being held outside of the regular precincts of Parliament, following a fire in the Parliamentary precinct last month.

SONA is a ceremonial joint sitting of the two houses of Parliament, called specifically for the president's State of the Nation Address. The sitting is presided over jointly by the National Assembly speaker and the NCOP chairperson, under the applicable joint rules of Parliament.

The address provides the president with an opportunity to assess South Africa’s domestic and international situation, report on existing government programmes and present plans for the coming year.

Furthermore, it is a time for the president to make key government announcements during the joint sitting.

The public can watch the live stream of the address via social media platforms, Parliamentary television, Parliament’s YouTube channels, as well as the live broadcast on radio and television.