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Partnership between INX-ZA, MetroFibre, Hetzner is good news for SA's Internet

Johannesburg, 10 May 2016

Hetzner, the second host of the Johannesburg Internet Exchange (JINX), is the first host to receive a 10Gbps connection to the exchange point in Samrand. This local Internet milestone offers Internet service providers (ISPs) and Internet users reduced Web latencies by routing traffic locally via JINX instead of through expensive long-distance links.

"Due to the high traffic volumes and unprecedented demand, the JINX link at Hetzner's Data Centre Park in Samrand has already been upgraded to 10Gbps within the first month. This is a resounding confirmation that the exchange point is widely accepted by the ISP community, and that alternate peering locations benefit both end-users and network operators," says Nishal Goburdhan, INX-ZA Manager.

As an existing Hetzner customer, MetroFibre Networx is now also connected to the JINX node to enable high speed, low latency connectivity for its customers. "Our partnership with INX-ZA and Hetzner allows our customers the opportunity to leverage the geolocation benefits the JINX node provides," says Gary Webster, head of sales for MetroFibre Networx.

The geolocation capabilities of the JINX node allows MetroFibre to seamlessly connect its customers at multiple locations and sites by pinpointing a user's location and then intelligently routing their application requests to the nearest data centre on their core network. "Distributed peering creates better traffic routing options for the Internet community, regardless of where a particular ISP is located," adds Webster.

MetroFibre Networx is a key point of presence within Hetzner's core network. "The move to link into JINX is the extension of an invaluable relationship with Hetzner as our partner and a sign of our faith in the services they provide from their Samrand Data Centre Park," concludes Webster.

Internet exchange points enable ISPs to interconnect their networks so that domestic Internet users benefit from faster connections and more efficient access to online services. Network operators benefit from lower costs, resulting in more affordable bandwidth, which is crucial for the development of the Internet.


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