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Partnership ready to take digital contract management into Africa

Johannesburg, 20 Oct 2023
Zandi Mbele, CEO, ETS Group.
Zandi Mbele, CEO, ETS Group.

The ETS Group and Realyst have joined forces to grow the market for contract life cycle management (CLM), digital signatures and business process automation. The combined resources will enable clients to significantly boost their digital transformation and bring the benefits both financially and operationally to account.

CLM applications are growing in adoption globally, with the depth of expertise and knowledge helping organisations to understand the needs and benefits of getting these processes under control. The World Commerce and Contracting (WCC) latest report indicates poor CLM practices can cost the organisation between 3% and 8% of its value.

Process automation and digital signatures are a natural place to start any digital transformation initiative, with obvious quick wins and easy implementation. ETS expertise in infrastructure, database, software and integration solutions find a natural fit in offering more value-adding applications and services.

According to ETS Group CEO Zandi Mbele: “While we are aware that as far as electronic signature solutions go, there are bigger providers in the US market, we would rather use a product developed by a South African organisation, as we know it will suit African requirements.

“What we liked about Realyst is that it was the only organisation offering an on-premises digital signature solution for the larger corporates, that is implemented behind their firewall, which enables us to undertake customisation to meet client needs. Another major differentiator for us is that Realyst allows us to white label these products,” she says.

Paul Maddison, Founder and CEO of Realyst, notes that the company has been able to develop a suite of products that can match the best the world can offer. “Our pricing philosophy is not only good value for money, with no currency risk, but simple, no hidden fees and highly affordable at scale.”

Mbele explains that innovation is taking place across the continent, and there is a definite need for the kind of solutions this partnership offers. Digital contract management is undoubtedly the future, she says, while the concept of e-signatures is becoming a key part of doing business in a digital world.

“This demonstrates the effectiveness of the products, and so our goal now is to work with key partners to scale these solutions across Africa. The aim, of course, is to work closely with organisations that are complementary, so that we create an ecosystem of African solutions, designed to meet the demands of the African continent.

“These applications are, however, only the start, and we hope to see this partnership continue to innovate and create related products, which will allow us to build even better, truly African digital solutions.”