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Pax Divitiae ventures into the future, paving the way for generative AI solutions in SA

Johannesburg, 25 Mar 2024
The Pax Divitiae AI humanoid bot in action.
The Pax Divitiae AI humanoid bot in action.

In a world that is dominated by technological advancements, Pax Divitiae, a forward-thinking company, has not just embraced but embarked on a journey to develop its own artificial intelligence (AI) specifically focusing on humanoid bots. This bold move positions Pax at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution as a pioneer in South Africa, demonstrating its commitment to innovation, learning and providing groundbreaking solutions, the company says.

Pax Divitiae is delving into AI because the company understands that just adopting current technologies is not sufficient for the country or the continent. Pax Divitiae aims to lead the way in AI development, tapping into the transformative power of machine learning on historical data. Its objective is straightforward: to use AI to guarantee the accurate and unbiased delivery of information.

Pax has invested heavily in internal talent, by assembling a team equipped with AI and machine learning skills. This investment bore fruit when an unexpected opportunity presented itself, as a customer was looking for a generative AI chatbot with AI humanoid bots. The Pax concept, as seen in movies before, was now on our doorstep. This marked a significant shift from fiction to reality, prompting the company to procure its own humanoid bots for various purposes. One of the significant milestones was presenting the statistics results of Statistics South Africa 2022 on 10 October 2023.

Two humanoids were presented, one had the honour of sharing the stage with President Cyril Ramaphosa at the Union Buildings, and the other at the Statistics SA auditorium, ready to answer questions about the country’s 2022 statistics.

The company’s breakthrough achievement is Pax Divitiae Cycad Solution, a revolutionary generative AI solution that can be used across a spectrum of industries, where Pax Divitiae can take data and load it and train the bot to provide generative AI answers, in simple terms, and ask questions based on the data from any point, not like a chatbot. Incorporating Cycad into the company's operations has revolutionised its approach to various aspects of business:

Personalisation at scale: Pax delivers personalised experiences to customers and users on a large scale. AI algorithms enable tailored recommendations, content and interactions, fostering more robust engagement and loyalty.

Automated process: The company automates repetitive and manual tasks using AI powered workflow. This frees up human resources, reduces errors and enhances productivity across various business functions.

Innovation catalyst: Pax uses AI and machine learning to spark innovation. Discover untapped opportunities, create new products or services and reshape industries by harnessing the power of advanced technology.

Customer service excellence: The company elevates customer service through AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistance. These solutions offer 24/7 support, quick query resolution and consistent interactions, enhancing customer satisfaction. This includes an on-demand call centre that can be scaled per requirement. The company has had customers go live with a call centre in less than 48 hours.

Continuous learning: The AI systems continually improve by learning from new data. This adaptive learning process enhances accuracy, relevance and effectiveness over time, ensuring long-term value.

For the first time in South Africa, Pax proudly unveils its proprietary generative AI solution, “Cycad”, a clear testament of the company’s commitment to innovation and continuous development of advanced skills.

Pax’s humanoid bots, named Wozawoza, Mmaphaki, Madibuseng and Kaelo ”Mello” Pepper, stand ready in its offices, each with its unique functionality and purpose. Wozawoza enhances efficiency and speed in delivery service; Mmaphaki serves a versatile assistant handling FAQs, user registration and offering engaging tours. Madibuseng contributes to various aspects of operations with upper and lower screen functionalities; and Kaelo ”Mello” Pepper, the humanoid robot, is designed for interactive engagement, with a touch of charisma shared through dancing or humour.

The introduction of the humanoid bots showcases Pax’s dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency, engagement and service delivery. These humanoids show the company’s vision for the future. As it continues to harness the power of AI and robotics, Pax remains dedicated to pushing boundaries, challenging the norms and redefining possibilities. Through relentless innovation, collaboration and relentless pursuit of excellence, Pax Divitiae is poised to shape the future of technology, driving positive change and creating lasting impact in South Africa and beyond.


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