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Performanta integrates Microsoft's Copilot with its Safe XDR platform

Christopher Tredger
By Christopher Tredger, Portals editor
Johannesburg, 19 Mar 2024
Guy Golan, CEO and co-founder at Performanta.
Guy Golan, CEO and co-founder at Performanta.

Multinational cyber safety company Performanta and industry partner Microsoft SA launched the LLM AI-infused Microsoft Copilot for Security solution at the inaugural Cyber Safety Summit on 14 March.

The release leverages AI to enhance cyber security to support businesses on their journey towards comprehensive cyber safety.

Performanta is a Microsoft-verified Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) solution provider. It has offices in the UK, South Africa, and USA.

Microsoft Copilot for Security reached the pre-release phase in February and was officially released in March to help organisations to help businesses better understand the cyber security landscape.

Performanta has been working with Microsoft’s R&D teams over the last year and has integrated Copilot for Security with its Safe XDR platform, to create what the company claims is the world’s first AI-verified XDR service – or Safe XDR.

With Safe XDR integrated with Microsoft Copilot for Security, the meantime to respond (MTTR) to an incident is reduced from around one hour and 15 minutes to approximately six minutes,

Guy Golan, CEO and co-founder at Performanta, said the Safe XDR platform integrates with a company’s existing security infrastructure and/or forms part of a business’ Security Operations Centre (SOC) to offer cyber security professionals a holistic view of the entire attack surface of an organisation.

A quote from a Performanta blog post reads: “Microsoft Copilot for Security also stands apart because it integrates with security vendors’ software. This LLM AI does not replace security systems; it interacts with them and their logs, compiling and presenting the information to a security analyst in straightforward language. Using managed plugins, Microsoft Copilot for Security integrates with other security services.”

Golan said businesses are spending more on cyber security yet continue to lose more because of data breaches and cyber attacks. “We are here to help companies on their journey to safety. People can feel secure but not assured – cyber safety means feeling secure and being assured of safety.”

Mother of all breaches

Keynote speaker Ravi Bhat, chief technology and solutions officer, Microsoft SA, said, “The world has shortfall of 3.5 million security professionals. The average cost of an incident is $4.5 million, and that’s just the financial damage, there is also brand damage and loss of customers to consider.”

Bhat added that in January 2024, the world experienced the largest ransomware attack – the ‘Mother of all Breaches’, which reportedly exposed billions of data records and hit 3786 organisations simultaneously.

“Password attacks have escalated to over 4000 per second, and 70% of organisations that are hit, have under 500 employees. DDoS attacks continue, and we also know that nation state attacks take place, and target thousands of devices at the same time.

The companies called for more collaboration between executive-level decision makers to build cyber resilience, manage cyber risk effectively, and unlock the value of data.