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Phakiso Mataitsane: From street vendor to tech leader, philanthropist

Johannesburg, 04 Mar 2024
Phakiso Mataitsane, founder of Pax Divitiae.
Phakiso Mataitsane, founder of Pax Divitiae.

In a recent interview with Mataitsane, founder and owner of Pax Divitiae, a company specialising in IT advisory services, we gained insights into his remarkable journey from humble beginnings to becoming a successful entrepreneur and leader. Mataitsane's story is not just one of professional achievement, but also of a deep commitment to empowering the youth and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Born and raised in Ga Rankuwa, Mataitsane's entrepreneurial spirit emerged at the tender age of nine when he started selling food on the streets. Despite facing challenges with reading in school, he excelled academically and discovered his passion for programming while studying IT. This realisation marked a turning point in his career, leading him to become a sought-after expert in Oracle and eventually finding success as a sales manager and project management leader.

In 2020, Mataitsane faced a significant career shift when he was retrenched. Undeterred, he founded Pax Divitiae in January 2021. The name "Pax Divitiae", Latin for "wealth of peace", reflects the company's core values, emphasising collaboration and innovation amid diverse opinions and focusing on providing valuable advisory services to customers.

A key driver behind Pax Divitiae's success lies in Mataitsane's dedication to addressing youth unemployment. Recognising the increasing issue since 2008, he decided to invest in training graduates from scratch, using funds generated from his initial consultancy work. He further extended his gratitude to his wife, Emily Mataitsane, for believing in him and contributing her pension fund to fuel the business's growth, demonstrating their belief in making a meaningful impact on the lives of young individuals.

Pax Divitiae's partnership with AWS has been instrumental in their journey. Mataitsane acknowledges AWS's support, not only in providing additional resources like laptops, but also contributing a percentage to employee salaries and strong backing of business development initiatives. Within a remarkably short time, Pax Divitiae achieved the status of going from an EEIP partner to being an advanced partner with AWS, a feat expected to take three years but accomplished in less than one.

When asked about Pax Divitiae’s company culture, Mataitsane says: “Our culture is all about learning, unlearning and relearning. Mistakes are opportunities for growth, fuelling a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement.”

From an advisory perspective, Pax Divitiae acts as a bridge between old and new technologies, helping clients navigate the complexities of IT investments. Mataitsane stresses the importance of understanding and maximising the value of existing technologies while seamlessly integrating new ones for enhanced benefits.

As Mataitsane envisions his legacy, it transcends business success. He aims to leave behind a legacy of empowered leaders, particularly women and the youth, challenging societal norms and fostering diversity. His commitment to creating an ecosystem where individuals feel valued and contribute mutually highlights a profound understanding of the importance of collaboration and inclusivity.

Phakiso Mataitsane's journey from a street vendor to a tech leader and philanthropist exemplifies resilience, innovation and a deep commitment to making a positive impact on society. Pax Divitiae's story continues to unfold, driven by Mataitsane's vision of leaving behind a legacy of empowered and confident leaders who can navigate challenges and contribute meaningfully to the world.

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