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Powerlynx enables businesses to monetise WiFi hotspots with adverts

Johannesburg, 24 Apr 2024

Powerlynx is now offering a new service that enables businesses to monetise their WiFi hotspots through advertising campaigns. Instead of charging customers for internet access, businesses can show ads on a splash page when users connect to the hotspot.

WiFi for ads: Why it matters, especially in South Africa

Today, the most prevalent strategies for monetising hotspots include accepting credit card payments or using unique vouchers. However, what about businesses or public places that want to offer free internet access while also collecting revenue? This is where the ad-supported model comes in, which is now booming. Instead of charging customers, this approach shows adverts on a splash page when they connect to the hotspot. Ads may contain local deals, forthcoming events, or promotions, which serve as both an incentive for visitors to visit the shop and an income generator for the business.

To connect to the WiFi network, users will need to submit their phone number or e-mail address and watch a brief commercial. The ad-supported model provides a win-win opportunity for businesses, especially in South Africa. It not only encourages customers to visit their establishments but also increases the average amount spent per customer. Moreover, businesses can generate additional revenue through advertising partnerships. Recent successful examples include Rosebank Mall in Johannesburg and various popular coffee shops nationwide.

Powerlynx's Adverts module: Simplifies WiFi monetisation through advertising

Example of video and image banners displayed during WiFi connection.
Example of video and image banners displayed during WiFi connection.

Today, leading ISP billing and network management supplier Splynx announced the launch of a dedicated AD module for Powerlynx, its go-to WiFi management solution. Before end-users join the WiFi network, it shows them banner ads or video advertisements to increase hotspot revenue and engagement.

The process is quick and uncomplicated; setting up and beginning the first ad campaign takes less than a minute. Everything is configured in a few steps; setting the campaign’s start and end date, specifying locations and hotspots where adverts should appear, as well as specific splash pages. This allows businesses to launch marketing campaigns in various locations as quickly and efficiently as possible centrally from Powerlynx. Here is a video guide on how to easily do it:

In the settings, for photo ads, there is an option to set a specific timer for skipping the ad and connecting to WiFi. Furthermore, it is possible to track the number of people who have seen a particular ad.

Looking ahead

The Adverts module is currently in the early stages, and the Powerlynx team is actively working on new features and capabilities to provide ISPs and companies with the most effective and user-friendly WiFi hotspot management and invoicing solution. The company is also offering a free 21-day trial to test all of the features and benefits of its platform. For additional information and to begin your free trial, please visit the Powerlynx website.



Powerlynx is a cloud-based platform designed to help ISPs and businesses build and monetize Wi-Fi hotspots. The platform covers all areas of hotspot billing and management, including comprehensive analytics. It is overseen by the Splynx team, a leader in ISP billing and network management, boasting over 8 years of expertise and trusted by over 900 WISPs worldwide.