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Powerlynx helps to bring connectivity, economic empowerment to underserved communities

Johannesburg, 27 Feb 2024

Leading ISP billing and network management provider Splynx has launched Powerlynx, a WiFi management solution aimed at offering affordable, reliable services and enabling their monetisation. This initiative comes as a response to the growing need for internet access in remote and economically disadvantaged areas, where connectivity can significantly impact education, healthcare and economic opportunities.

With its user-friendly interface and cost-effective pricing model, Powerlynx is poised to support internet service providers (ISPs), local businesses and various institutions in their efforts to bridge the digital divide, fostering community growth and enabling new opportunities for economic development.

Affordable connectivity and its impact on underserved communities

The development of Powerlynx was driven by the need for a reliable hotspot management solution after the discontinuation of the Express WiFi platform. Seizing the initiative, the Splynx team embarked on developing Powerlynx. This venture was not just about filling a gap; it was about redefining how WiFi hotspot management and monetisation could catalyse community empowerment and spark entrepreneurship.

Redefining WiFi hotspot management.
Redefining WiFi hotspot management.

A vivid example of Powerlynx's application is seen with WiCAN WiFi, an initiative by Project Isizwe, offering R5 a day uncapped WiFi in local communities. Numerous local stores and public spaces have become access points for this WiFi service, where community members can purchase vouchers or pay through a captive portal to connect to the internet.

WiCAN WiFi, an initiative by Project Isizwe, offers R5 a day uncapped WiFi in local communities.
WiCAN WiFi, an initiative by Project Isizwe, offers R5 a day uncapped WiFi in local communities.

This innovative approach not only enhances community connectivity but also opens up new revenue streams for store owners, firmly establishing WiFi as both a community service and a business opportunity. Any individual or organisation, from local businesses to ISPs, can take advantage of Powerlynx to offer affordable and accessible internet to individuals and generate revenue from it.

Similarly, Powerlynx supports Project Isizwe's mission to provide free WiFi for educational purposes. It offers a flexible solution for creating personalised connection plans. For instance, in one local school, students get daily allowance of 1GB of free traffic, as well as the option to redeem vouchers for additional access. These plans can be customised to meet specific requirements, with adjustable limits for speed, time, data and validity. This ensures that every student is given the appropriate resources for their academic needs.

Plans can be customised to meet specific requirements.
Plans can be customised to meet specific requirements.

Also, Powerlynx platform's integration with a leading DNS resolver ensures a safe and secure online environment for students, filtering out inappropriate content and safeguarding against online threats. This feature is crucial, ensuring that internet access in educational settings is not only free and accessible, but also safe and conducive to learning.

Our partnership with Project Isizwe exemplifies the impactful collaboration between the private and non-profit sectors. Together, we're making strides in connecting low-income communities and fostering a more inclusive society," says Alex Vishnyakov, CEO and Co-founder of Powerlynx.

These real-world examples showcase how tailored WiFi solutions can significantly contribute to community development, easily attainable through Powerlynx hotspot management software.

Key benefits and features

Powerlynx stands out with the approach that providing connectivity shouldn't be complex and designed to align with the needs of ISPs and businesses. Key benefits and features include:

  • Cloud-based convenience: No need for costly server infrastructure or technical expertise, enabling easy hotspot deployment.
  • Hardware-agnostic: Powerlynx works with equipment from leading network vendors, ensuring wide applicability.
  • Effortless set-up and use: Designed for out-of-the-box functionality, Powerlynx allows for quick and easy set-up, enabling users to configure and go live with their WiFi services within just one day.
  • Comprehensive management tools: Offers a full suite of management and billing features, including the ability to create custom plans, manage bandwidth, control traffic and generate detailed analytics.
  • Affordability: The pricing strategy makes it an accessible option for a wide range of businesses looking to provide WiFi access and monetise it.

Powerlynx introduces several practical features to streamline WiFi management for businesses. It includes a captive portal that businesses can customise with their own branding, making the login page familiar to users. The software also integrates with various payment gateways, simplifying how users pay for access. Businesses can set up different tariff plans to suit various user needs, adding flexibility to their service offerings.

Additionally, Powerlynx allows for the creation and distribution of printed vouchers, offering an alternative for users to connect in areas where online payments might not be as prevalent. For businesses operating in multiple locations, the software provides a centralised system to manage WiFi services across all sites efficiently.

Moreover, the system offers detailed analytics, giving businesses insights into user behaviour and network performance, which can help in making informed decisions to improve their services.

Looking forward

The Powerlynx team is committed to the continuous development of the product, with a roadmap filled with many new features set to enhance its capabilities and extend its reach. With a dedicated in-house development team, Powerlynx ensures that ISPs and businesses always have access to the most efficient, user-friendly WiFi hotspot management and billing solution.

The team is actively seeking collaborations with ISPs, businesses and organisations interested in utilising Powerlynx to enhance their services and contribute to bridging the digital divide.

If you are looking to delve into WiFi hotspot services, Powerlynx offers a 21-day free trial to fully understand its capabilities and benefits. This trial period is an excellent opportunity to see how hotspot services can fit into your service offerings. For more information and to start your free trial, we invite you to visit the Powerlynx website.