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Praesignis reaches transformation milestone on B-BBEE scorecard

Johannesburg, 13 Oct 2020

Praesignis is thrilled to announce its latest achievement of attaining a broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) level one contribution status – the highest BEE rating achievable.

This makes Praesignis one of a small group of qualifying small enterprises (QSEs) within the ICT sector to qualify as being truly empowered within the context of South African legislation.

In 2003, the South African government introduced the B-BBEE Act in an attempt to address the inequalities suffered by black South African citizens as a result of the unjust apartheid regime. Praesignis is aligned with the aim, which is to increase the meaningful participation of black people in the management, ownership and control of South Africa’s economy.

“As a company proudly rooted in our South African heritage, we fully embrace transformation. Achieving our QSE level one B-BBEE status under the ICT sector underpins the values of Praesignis towards diversity, inclusion and the development of our people and the community. This is a moment of pride for us at Praesignis and will allow us to add significant value even further and to strategically grow with all our clients,” says Johan Ceronio, CEO of Praesignis.

Ceronio added: “History has proved that QSE suppliers are difficult to find and procure from, and it is even more evident within the ICT sector. Our new certification demonstrates our commitment not only to operational excellence, but to remain an active contributor towards the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) and the South African economy.”

B-BBEE level one status is a 135% recognition level, which means that for every R100 spent with Praesignis, R135 can be claimed towards the Preferential Procurement Element on the B-BBEE scorecard – which is excellent news for all our clients and service providers, as this will, in return, automatically improve their scorecards over multiple segments.


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