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Premiere Rush brings video content creation to everyone

Johannesburg, 14 Dec 2018

It's been an exciting year for Adobe Creative Cloud, with the recent release of a host of new innovative tools and updates to old favourites. Adobe Premiere Rush, announced at the Adobe MAX conference, is the first all-in-one, cross-device video editing app that makes creating and sharing online content easier than ever.

Creating and sharing beautifully curated video content isn't just for the professionals, now anyone can record and edit their videos through an easy-to-use mobile and desktop app.

Premiere Rush is an integrated desktop and mobile solution that automatically syncs all of your projects and edits to the cloud, allowing you to work anywhere, on any device.

Here are some of the things that make Premiere Rush unique:

An intuitive, all-in-one experience: Premiere Rush integrates capture, intuitive editing, simplified colour, audio, motion graphics, and seamless publishing to the leading social platforms, all together in one easy-to-use solution.

Creative flexibility: Make videos that look great, sound great, and are uniquely yours with simplified editing, customisable motion graphics templates, colour, and Adobe Sensei-powered Auto-Ducking, all powered by Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition.

Social media optimisation: With sharing pre-sets and one-click publishing, Premiere Rush automatically optimises all your content for the different social media platforms that you publish to today, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Behance.

Access anytime, anywhere: Create a project on one device and publish from another with a consistent user experience across phone, tablet and desktop.

"Video editing can be intimidating, complex to learn and time-consuming to produce, but with Premiere Rush that has changed," says Jeremy Matthews, CEO of Dax Data, leading Adobe digital media distributor in Africa. "At Dax Data, we are pleased with the direction Adobe is taking with the development of new and innovative tools, making their applications accessible and easy to use for everyone," continues Matthews.

What's next?

Since Adobe revealed Premiere Rush in June 2018, it has worked directly with a small group of beta testers to refine the product experience and develop a roadmap that builds on the core tenets of the product. Adobe says the feedback it has received has been invaluable in continuing to develop the product to provide the best possible experience.

Here are highlights of where we're headed:

Android support: Available in 2019.

Speed controls: The number one feature request from private beta testing was the ability to speed up and slow down videos; Adobe says this is at the top of its list.

Performance: Removing any and all friction from your editing experience is a high priority for the team.

Publishing videos to multiple platforms: It can be incredibly time-consuming to create versions of your videos that meet the requirements of the different social media platforms. This is why Adobe has made sure this functionality was included in the initial release of Premiere Rush, and continue to work on ways to make this easier.

To find out more about Adobe Premiere Rush, get in contact with Dax Data.

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