Prepaid healthcare launched in South Africa

Johannesburg, 08 Mar 2011

Yarona Care recently launched prepaid healthcare. Watch this space because nine amazing offerings are systematically being rolled out in South Africa over the next 12 months.

These include prepaid vouchers, which allow patients to see participating doctors or dentists and even traditional healers, who will then redeem the cellphone voucher and provide the necessary healthcare services; products such as Impilo Go, which offer a visit to the doctor, plus seven days worth of medicine for just R230; Impilo One, which offers the user medicine for as little as R100; and Eyona Go, which covers dental consultations and either one extraction or filling, or alternatively scaling and polishing at an affordable R330.

What could be simpler than prepaid? The principle of prepaid is already widely accepted in South Africa and Africa as a whole. The process is also simple and easy. A purchaser dials a code on his cellphone to redeem services purchased when needed. The patient thus cashes out his/her voucher at the doctor or dentist's office by providing a unique code. Yarona Care then pays the provider for services rendered.

Purchasers can manage their own healthcare by purchasing vouchers for each of their family members for a specific period. With Yarona Care, it is also easy to send vouchers to family members and loved ones in case of emergencies. In a country where the majority of citizens do not have medical cover - this solution is truly overdue. Medical aid members can also benefit by using Yarona when savings plans have been depleted.

For Yarona Care, the key to success has been excellent relationships with doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers throughout South Africa. Yarona Care is a privately owned business with a proud track-record of innovative product design and sustainable business relationships. Yarona Care believes in investing in clients, staff, communities and supporting technologies. Based on extensive knowledge and expertise within the healthcare market - the focus is on affordability, quality, accessibility and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

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