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Pure Storage platform arms enterprises in fight against ransomware with groundbreaking cyber resiliency services, capabilities

Extends STaaS leadership, now with 10 concurrent SLAs, the industry’s most comprehensive set of service level agreements.

Las Vegas – Pure Storage//Accelerate, 27 Jun 2024
Pure Storage fights ransomware.
Pure Storage fights ransomware.

Pure Storage (NYSE:PSTG), which positions itself as the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technology and services, today announced new advanced storage as a service (STaaS) service level agreements (SLAs) for the Pure Storage platform – cyber recovery and resilience and site rebalance – further empowering organisations to guarantee outcomes and reduce risk in their critical data infrastructure.

AI is revolutionising business, and not always for the better. Cyber criminals are increasingly using AI to increase the frequency and impact of cyber attacks, especially ransomware. However, existing IT infrastructure generally lacks flexibility to react to the rapid pace of change required to protect data and rapidly recover if needed.

The Pure Storage platform delivers agility and risk reduction to organisations with a simple, consistent storage platform and an as a service experience for the broadest set of use cases across on-premises, public cloud and hosted environments. At the heart of the platform, the often imitated but never duplicated Evergreen architecture brings continuous and non-disruptive upgrades helping enterprises adapt to dynamic business environments. With the industry’s record number of concurrent SLAs, customers get the reliability, performance and sustainability their business requires.

Further advancing Pure’s existing cyber resiliency offerings, including SafeMode for ransomware recovery, today, Pure announced new innovations enabled by the platform including:

  • Enhanced cyber recovery and resilience SLA: Building on the first-of-its-kind ransomware recovery SLA, Evergreen//One is expanding its coverage to include disaster recovery scenarios as well. This new and improved cyber recovery and resilience SLA delivers a customised recovery plan, ships clean service infrastructure within a defined SLA, provides onsite installation and supplies additional professional services for data transfer. In addition, Pure will collaborate with organisations to build and maintain a comprehensive cyber security strategy. Ongoing quarterly reviews are included to ensure best practices adherence, ongoing risk assessments and operational security remediation. Organisations can rest assured knowing if an unforeseen disruptive event occurs, Pure will help rapidly restore normal operations, guaranteed.
  • New security assessment: The new assessment provides deep visibility into fleet-level security risks and offers actionable recommendations to maximise cyber resilience. Based on aggregated intelligence across 10 000+ environments, the security assessment presents numerical scores from zero to five to benchmark the security posture of the entire storage fleet. It also delivers best practices to align with NIST 2.0 standards, advance regulatory compliance, remediate potential security anomalies, and rapidly restore operations if a security-related event occurs. Additionally, the new AI copilot leverages the security assessment to provide chief information security officers (CISOs) with visibility into benchmarking their security posture against other Pure Storage customers.
  • New AI-powered anomaly detection enhancement: Discover threats such as ransomware attacks, unusual activity, malicious behaviour and denial of service attacks via performance anomalies. This expands on previously available ransomware detection based on data reduction anomalies. The expanded detection is built on multiple machine learning models running to identify unusual anomalous behaviour. The models analyse customer environments with historical data for anomalous patterns based on heuristics of performance as well as user context on how storage is used. Leveraging this capability, customers can identify the last known good snapshot copy to mitigate operational impact by quickly identifying recovery point targets to restore data, reducing risk and guesswork.

In today’s dynamic market and competitive landscape, it is imperative for IT to be able to rapidly adapt. As the only STaaS solution that allows both scaling up and down the service, today Pure Storage further distanced itself by providing even more flexibility:

  • New site rebalance SLA: The Evergreen//One site rebalance SLA delivers service flexibility for organisations looking to adjust existing reserve commitments as their storage requirements evolve. If there are no longer capacity needs at a specific site, if a data centre is being consolidated or if performance at one site was oversized and excess capacity exists that can be used elsewhere, the site rebalance SLA empowers organisations to rebalance reserve commitments once every 12 months for each Evergreen//One subscription.

As Pure Storage continues to revolutionise enterprise data storage, our mission remains: to provide a simple, flexible and resilient as a service storage platform that not only addresses current data and storage management needs, but mitigates future risk and uncertainty. Through continuously improving services and the broadest set of outcome-driven SLAs, Pure is the only data storage platform future-proofed for innovation.”Prakash Darji, GM, Digital Experience, Pure Storage

“Today’s enterprises demand more than just technology; they seek assured outcomes. Reliable, flexible consumption models for enterprise storage that scale with business needs are essential. Pure Storage’s STaaS platform offers a market differentiating, comprehensive set of guaranteed SLAs, striking a balance between flexibility and simplicity while delivering high performance and resilience – all in support of customer growth in today's dynamic business landscape.” Lara Greden, Senior Research Director, IT Infrastructure as-a-Service Solutions, Flexible Consumption, and Circular Economy, IDC

Also announced today at Pure //Accelerate:

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