Qlik leverages acquisition to build data trust, intensify AI investment

Christopher Tredger
By Christopher Tredger, Portals editor
Johannesburg, 14 Sept 2023
Tuna Yemisci, regional director, MEA, and East Mediterranean, Qlik.
Tuna Yemisci, regional director, MEA, and East Mediterranean, Qlik.

US-based analytics and data integration vendor Qlik said its acquisition of data transformation firm Talend, along with increased investment in artificial intelligence (AI), gives its customers improved ability to access trusted, quality data.

Speaking this week at the Johannesburg leg of the Qlik’s global roadshow, QlikWorld Tour, Tuna Yemisci, the company’s regional director, MEA, and East Mediterranean, said the acquisition, completed in May this year, has broadened the company’s product stack, adding new data quality, transformation, application connectivity and API capabilities.

Qlik has also invested over US$1 billion in its analytics platform to address requirements for automated and real-time access to data across various industries, including retail, manufacturing, financial services, and pharmaceuticals.

Yemisci said businesses across all regions face similar challenges with data integration, access, and management. These include data quality and data collection, available infrastructure, data integration utilising multiple sources, data governance (who has access to what and when), choice of data analytics tools, as well as scalability and data fragmentation.

We want you to trust your data and the quality of your data, and we want you to be able to act on this data.

Tuna Yemisci, Qlik.

Due to these challenges, organisations are often forced to choose legacy solutions, cloud lock-in, or multiple disparate point solutions, which exposes them to cost risk and stifles innovation, the company added.

Qlik is targeting its offering to address a gap it says exists between business operations and software development. Yemisci explained that, traditionally, these two areas have separate tools, systems, and domains. Qlik wants to combine these resources to equip businesses with powerful analytics tools and data they can trust and use. 

“We are creating a single source of truth to drive up AI adoption and data literacy. The objective is to help businesses to go from simply having raw data to taking informed action,” he said.

Qlik is agnostic in its approach to cloud srvices. Yemisci acknowledged a growing interest from cloud service providers and hyperscalers in high growth markets like South Africa, and said Qlik has partnerships in place with all service providers to ensure that clients can avoid lock-in.

“We want to maintain our product suite, and continuity in technology investment. We are independent and cloud agnostic, and connectivity is our number one priority. We want to connect everything, we want you to trust your data and the quality of your data, and we want you to be able to act on this data,” he concluded.