Qlik pens AWS deal to bolster AI adoption

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 10 Jun 2024
Casey George, executive vice president, global sales at Qlik.
Casey George, executive vice president, global sales at Qlik.

Qlik, a software vendor focused on data integration, analytics and AI, has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate AI adoption in enterprises.

Qlik and AWS will collaborate on several initiatives including to drive AI app development, to enhance data utilisation, to streamline data compliance, and to accelerate AI technology adoption.

The companies said that over 7,000 existing customers are expected to benefit from the collaboration.

Casey George, executive vice president, global sales at Qlik, said: "Together, we are investing to make AI more tangible and actionable, to enable companies to capitalise on their data foundations. This focused collaboration will deliver practical, industry-specific applications."

Chris Grusz, managing director, technology partnerships at AWS, added: "This collaboration with Qlik helps customers to harness advanced analytics and cloud technologies more effectively in generative AI deployments.”

Qlik and AWS identified several areas for collaboration:

  • Drive AI app development: The agreement will enable customers to derive value from generative AI applications, including integrations with AWS services, such as Amazon Bedrock.
  • Enhance SAP data utilisation: The collaboration will allow customers to gain greater value from their SAP data by migrating their data environments.
  • Streamline data compliance: The agreement will further enable compliance, privacy, and sovereignty requirements across additional AWS Regions.
  • Accelerate AI technology adoption: Qlik and AWS will intensify co-marketing and co-selling efforts.