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Redstor opens Netherlands office as part of European expansion drive

Johannesburg, 29 May 2019

Redstor, the leading data management SaaS business with technology developed in SA, announced the opening today of a new Amsterdam office as part of a global expansion strategy.

The company has grown its customer base by more than 30% internationally in the past year, and is on track to treble business in the space of three years by 2020.

Redstor's new office drives a long-term strategy to accelerate revenue within Europe and significantly add to the company's 350 partners.

Gerrit-Jan van Wieren, Channel Director for Benelux and Nordics, has been busy building a team to help service a growing number of customers in mainland Europe, seeking a next-generation data management solution.

Of major appeal is the three-in-one protection of archiving, disaster recovery and backup, combined with search and insight, all managed through a single control centre.

By providing oversight, Redstor gives the "big picture" and enables organisations to discover, manage and protect data wherever it resides. This is hugely beneficial when it comes to mitigating risk, evidencing compliance and reducing storage costs.

Van Wieren said: "People are realising that having a backup is no longer enough. Legacy solutions have been purely reactive; more of an insurance policy.

"Today's customers want this insurance policy to pay out instantly as data has changed from being just 'stuff' to becoming intrinsically valuable to companies.

"The Netherlands is always very quick to adopt new technologies. So, when a forward-thinking international company expands into Europe, it's very typical to start in the Benelux region.

"Businesses here have less hardware on site and need the agility to decide where data resides, irrespective of whether it is on-premises, in the cloud or with a service provider.

"Our customers are already telling us we have a product that is the perfect fit for the market.

"We speak the local language, recognise the local challenges within the Benelux countries and, from our office in Almere, we are ideally positioned to serve both the Amsterdam area and the rest of the Netherlands, which is the country with the largest market and the highest adoption of cloud data management."

Through its InstantData streaming technology, which provides on-demand access to data, wherever it is stored, Redstor is making downtime a thing of the past.

Van Wieren said: "Whereas it used to be all about not being able to do a backup fast enough or able to do it in a safe enough manner, today it is about how fast you can recover.

"If I am a business owner, whether I am a CEO or CFO, the only question I need to ask is: 'If something goes wrong, how fast would I be up and running?'

"Let's face it, in the event of a problem, users just want to know when they can get access to their work. They are not concerned with backup, DR and archiving; they just want to be up and running quickly.

"The old-fashioned way was to use a backup. The hybrid way was to use local on-site hardware, which is still holding you back from moving to the cloud. Whereas in my opinion, you just need a very smart software solution that gives you instant on-demand access to your information from a service provider that speaks your language, whether that is Dutch or English."

Paul Evans, CEO of Redstor, said: "Our expansion into mainland Europe is an important and strategic move. We are seeing an increasing openness for companies to consider moving away from their legacy data management providers, who are providing old answers to new problems.

"In an increasingly complex data management landscape, our vision of discovering, managing and protecting customers' data is resonating in the marketplace.

"Customers are struggling with the move to the cloud, exponential data growth, malware and regulation. So our aim is to make our customers' data management problems smaller and help them gain control, while saving them money and ensuring peace of mind.

"Despite Brexit, we have tremendous faith in Europe and our presence in the Netherlands will allow us to work more closely with local partners and better support our customers throughout the continent.

"Customers and partners are recognising great value in Redstor's pioneering cloud data management service. We look forward to working closely with them in the Benelux."

In the past six months, Redstor has pursued an aggressive growth strategy by expanding in Africa and into Australasia.



Redstor is disrupting the world of data management with its pioneering technology, which provides oversight of your environment for the "big picture" and on-demand access to all your data, wherever it is stored, through a single control centre. Trusted by more than 40 000 clients and 350 partners, Redstor uses its proven, industry-leading technology to help you discover, analyse, control and protect your critical data.

Data management for an on-demand world. Take it as Red.

Redstor is available worldwide through a network of resellers. For further information, please visit

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