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Retrospect adds anomaly detection to ransomware protection

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 16 Feb 2022

Retrospect, a StorCentric company, has announced Retrospect Backup 18.5, featuring new anomaly detection and enhanced ransomware protection.

The upgrade also features deeper Microsoft Azure Blob integration for Immutable Backups and integrated cloud bucket creation. 

According to the company, ransomware is a massive, global scourge, that has affected many high-profile organisations, such as the Colonial Pipeline, JBS, Garmin, and Acer, to name but a few.

Over and above protection, businesses need to detect ransomware as early as possible to stop the threat and remediate those resources, says JG Heithcock, GM at Retrospect. 

The anomaly detection feature included in the upgrade helps identify changes in an environment that warrant the attention of IT. 

Admins can tailor anomaly detection to their business' specific systems, using customisable filtering and thresholds for each of their backup policies.

These anomalies are then aggregated on a management console across the entire business' Retrospect Backup instances, or a partner's client base, with a notification area for responding to those anomalies.

StorCentric acquired Retrospect in 2019. It's one of a handful of recent StorCentric purchases, which in the past few years has also includes Nexsan, Vexata, Drobo and Violin Systems. 

Prodata is the authorised representative for StorCentric in South Africa. Retrospect Backup 18.5 is a free upgrade to the company's award-winning ransomware protection solution, Retrospect Backup 18.