Revolutionising integration: mWtech supports enterprises at forefront of Super iPaaS

As businesses navigate the complexities of modern IT environments, it's become critical to integrate cloud-based services and legacy systems. mWtech is pioneering a path to this future with its Super iPaaS offerings, powered by webMethods and IBM WebSphere.

Johannesburg, 09 Apr 2024
mWtech presents Super iPaaS solution.
mWtech presents Super iPaaS solution.
  • IBM's acquisition of webMethods creates the Super iPaaS: Integration that brings legacy and cutting-edge tech together.
  • From mainframes to data to AI, Super iPaaS is an intelligent and predictable way to unite enterprise technologies.
  • mWtech enterprise integration experience and WebMethods skills make us the partner to leverage Super iPaaS and achieve digital transformation goals.

Businesses face many challenges during their digital transformation journeys. Foremost is integrating legacy systems with new cloud-based applications – typically, a tricky and resource-consuming task with no guarantee of success or lasting value. The technology market has listened and developed a powerful solution: the Super integration platform as a service, or Super iPaaS.

mWtech is a Software AG partner specialising in enterprise services integrations on the webMethods platform. With mWtech, companies can now access a platform that integrates legacy systems with cutting-edge cloud services, leveraging artificial intelligence to ensure their digital transformation journey is smooth and scalable.

Digital transformation.
Digital transformation.

The dawn of Super iPaaS

Super iPaaS offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to bridge the gap between their cloud and on-premises applications. Combining the capabilities of IBM WebSphere and webMethods, this platform is not just about connectivity. It creates a seamless, efficient and agile IT ecosystem.

Hybrid cloud architectures have become the new standard for businesses that want to balance the investment of on-premises mainframes with the flexibility of cloud-based services. Super iPaaS stands out in this regard by offering effortless connectivity, rapid integration, cost efficiency by reducing the need for custom coding, and security that allows strict compliance.

IBM's recent acquisition of webMethods marks a significant milestone in the integration landscape. This strategic move strengthens IBM's portfolio and sets the stage for Super AA. mWtech's deep expertise in IBM WebSphere and webMethods uniquely positions it to harness the synergies of this alliance, delivering unparalleled integration solutions to its clients, the company says.

Organisations can now access a platform that integrates legacy systems with cutting-edge cloud services, ensuring their digital transformation journey is smooth and scalable. represents the next step in integration technology, providing a more flexible, scalable and user-friendly approach to connecting disparate systems and applications across the digital landscape.

mWtech leverages Super iPaaS to offer enterprises a lifeline, bringing legacy and cloud together without sacrificing value or established investments in systems. Through its expertise in ApplinX and EntireX, now branded under webMethods, mWtech delivers seamless integration to legacy systems, ensuring that valuable data and functionality aren't lost in the transition to the cloud.

Companies must integrate cloud-based services and legacy systems.
Companies must integrate cloud-based services and legacy systems.

Mainframe modernisation and artificial intelligence

Mainframes continue to play a crucial role in the IT infrastructure of many businesses. mWtech uses Super iPaaS innovation to help owners commit to ongoing mainframe upgrades and modernisation. Hosting solutions like Adabas and Natural on upgraded mainframes ensures organisations can leverage their existing investments while embracing new technologies. This approach maximises revenue and ensures that the expansion to cloud and AI-enabled platforms is seamless and efficient.

Today's enterprises can enjoy both the stability of mainframes and the progress of artificial intelligence. mWtech is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into its iPaaS offerings. Tapping into IBM's Watson AI, Super iPaaS is pioneering the development of dynamic integration scenarios that can adapt and evolve in real-time. With such accelerated speed and agility, businesses can anticipate and respond to changing market conditions.

The integration of AI into the Super iPaaS framework is a game-changer. It establishes automated decision-making and enhances the overall efficiency of business operations.

Looking towards a more connected, efficient future.
Looking towards a more connected, efficient future.

Super iPaaS means integration excellence

As businesses look to the future, they benefit most from partners who can guide them through the complexities of digital transformation. mWtech's cutting-edge solutions and strategic partnerships make it that partner. By exploiting Super iPaaS, integrating AI into business processes and ensuring seamless legacy integration, mWtech is not just preparing the future, it is defining it.

For the CxO looking to stay ahead of the curve, the message is clear: mWtech's innovative integration solutions are the key to unlocking the full potential of your digital transformation journey. Join mWtech as it paves the way to a more connected, efficient and agile future.