RFID to reach $9.7bn

By Ilva Pieterse, ITWeb contributor
Johannesburg, 22 May 2008

RFID to reach $9.7bn

New forecasts released by ABI Research indicate that the total RFID market will turn over approximately $9.7 billion by 2013, representing roughly a 15% compound annual growth rate for the period from 2008, says MoreRFID.

"These figures highlight an RFID market that is growing robustly," says research director Michael Liard. "Across all product categories and flavours of RFID technology, market trends continue to be positive. We saw a strong finish to 2007, which continued into a healthy Q1 2008."

Closed-loop applications continue to lead the charge, with asset management in the forefront: library/rental items, reusable/returnable containers, spare parts, tools, work-in-process, yard management and more are all popular arenas for RFID deployment.

Smart cards take off in Asia

Government ID card programmes will provide a huge boost for the biometrics market in Asia, analysts predict, states VNUNet.

Researchers at US-based Frost & Sullivan pointed to an "immense opportunity" for smart cards in these untapped markets.

"National ID projects such as the Mykad of Malaysia already have biometrics implemented on the card," said Frost & Sullivan senior research analyst Navin Rajendra.

iPhone uses 2D bar codes

One app we'll be checking out next month when the iPhone 2.0 software update rolls out is the ScanBuy's QR reader, says Alley Insider.

It converts two-dimensional bar codes into Web pages, which, of course, you can already do with your iPhone.

But the bar codes, used in conjunction with a phone's camera, supposedly speed the process up that much more.