RFID wristband for patients developed

By Ilva Pieterse, ITWeb contributor
Johannesburg, 29 May 2008

RFID wristband for patients developed

Bartronics America has implemented radio frequency identification (RFID)-based wrist band that helps better manage patient medication process, says Sify.

This RFID wristband assists nurses and in health care by automating the process of administering patient medication.

This device was used in a clinical trial involving cancer patients at the Halifax Health Medical Centre in the US.

Japan trials tourists smartcards

The Japan Tourism Association will give tourists visiting Japan smartcards that can be charged with electronic money to buy goods or pay for travel on public transport in a trial to be conducted this summer, states Daily Yomiuri.

The association will give a total of 10 000 tourists from South Korea and Taiwan integrated circuit cards.

It will collect data on places visited and items bought by tourists in categories based on age and gender, and plans to use the information gathered to map out future tourism strategies.

Nanostrings detect disease

Researchers at the University of Queensland (UQ) have developed a new technology with research and clinical application including the early detection of disease, reports OBBeC.

Dr Krassen Dimitrov, from UQ's Australian Institute for bioengineering and nanotechnology, has developed fluorescent "barcodes" called nanostrings, which offers greater sensitivity and accuracy than current detection methods.

Dimitrov said nanostrings bind to RNA molecules for digital gene expression analysis.