Robots made simpler

By Vicky Burger, ITWeb portals content / relationship manager
Johannesburg, 28 Sept 2007

Robots made simpler

National Manufacturing Week opened near Chicago against the backdrop of the UAW strike over job security, reports Industrial Control DesignLine.

Robot-makers on the floor are touting a technology that they think can help keep jobs at automakers and other manufacturers in the US. Key for the integration of these robots is their ability to get up and running quickly. Robot-makers are responding with different techniques for simplifying robotic programming and setup.

GUIs, PLC compatibility, training systems and many other techniques make it more likely that inexperienced workers can get robots up and running instead of shipping jobs to low wage countries.

Autodesk holds forum

Autodesk, a company that provides 2D and 3D design software for the manufacturing, building, and media and entertainment markets, will hold a two-day executive forum on 4 and 5 October, in conjunction with the Melting Ice, states CNN Money.

The forum will bring business, technology and sustainability experts together to increase awareness of the importance of sustainable design and engage in a dialogue on how sustainable design practices can lead to a healthier environment.

The exhibition will offer perspectives on the issue of climate change from more than 40 artists around the world.