Samsung takes 49M pledge

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 11 Sept 2012

Samsung SA recently signed the 49M pledge, committing the brand to energy efficiency through its product line and internal environment.

The pledge aligns the brand to a government-endorsed initiative that aims to encourage a national culture of energy saving for a sustainable future.

Michelle Potgieter, head of marketing and corporate communications at Samsung SA, explains: “The 49M campaign aims to encourage 49 million South Africans to embrace energy saving as a national culture. Samsung is proud to align with this movement and looks forward to extending this pledge within its office and home environments, too.”

Further to the pledge, Samsung will provide 49M with eco-friendly products from its electronics range, which will be used in its national road show, The Glasshouse, which will take the form of mall activations, displays in corporate companies, as well as consumer and trade expos.

“As an international brand that places considerable focus on sustainable business practices, working towards creating harmony between people, society and the environment, it is critical that we demonstrate our true commitment to eco-friendly practices, of which energy efficiency is at the core for the organisation,” adds Potgieter.

Globally, Samsung has set a goal to ensure that 100% of its products exceed the good eco-product criteria to reduce average energy consumption of products by 40% as well as achieve 0.5W of standby power by 2013.

“We are excited that Samsung has pledged their commitment to energy efficiency and believe that, with large conglomerates that have a strong impact on the consumer mindset and influence into behaviours taking this pledge, we will see the shift that we are aiming for towards an energy-efficient culture that will drive South Africa towards a sustainable future,” says 49M spokesperson Andrew Etzinger.

“As part of our alignment to global standards, we have initiated a number of eco-driven activities locally, including solar-powered Internet schools, the availability of solar-powered netbooks, energy-efficient products within our LED TV and lighting business and within the digital appliances and digital air solution categories,” continues Potgieter.

“It is this innovation, coupled with our pledge to 49M, that we believe will impact the way consumers think about energy efficiency, and through this, we hope to see a change among South African consumers when it comes to power saving and energy efficiency,” she concludes.

To take the 49M pledge, click here.