SAP opens first AI CX centre

Christopher Tredger
By Christopher Tredger, Portals editor
Johannesburg, 17 Apr 2024
SAP has launched its first global AI customer experience centre in France.
SAP has launched its first global AI customer experience centre in France.

SAP Lab France, the R&D subsidiary of enterprise software company SAP, today, opened its first AI customer experience centre.

SAP says the new centre, unveiled at the SAP EMEA Partner AI event, was established to offer customers the opportunity to interact, and experiment, with AI, and to identify potential use cases for their own businesses.

Visitors can experiment with what SAP views as “concrete applications of AI” in various fields such as retail, manufacturing, and energy transition, as well as cyber security and art.

Guests are also able to experience SAP's new AI assistant: Joule, launched in September 2023. Joule was introduced to simplify the user experience for all SAP systems and their extensions.

Stefan Steinle, executive vice president, customer support, said, “SAP’s AI customer experience centre showcases our latest innovations and how our employees engage and innovate with AI.”

He added that customers are turning to the company to help leverage the potential of AI to “deliver top-shelf innovations” and for “effortless innovation discovery”.

Asked if SAP has plans to leverage the AI centre in Africa, Dr Jean-Christophe Pazzaglia, sustainability officer and AI centre lead, SAP Labs France, said the company is considering replicating the model in emerging markets, like Africa, but added there are no iron-clad plans in place as yet.

The AI customer experience centre is based at SAP Labs France, in Sophia Antipolis, one of Europe’s largest technology clusters, and home to SAP Lab France since 1998.

SAP Labs France has 450 employees working on R&D projects in areas, such as new revenue models, energy transition, responsible AI, cyber security, and advanced customer support.

SAP Labs France is a subsidiary of SAP and a founding member of ICAIR (International Consortium for Anti-Infective Research), an organisation mandated to sharing best practices in AI, and has supported the 3IA Interdisciplinary Institute for Artificial Intelligence since its creation.