SAP wants to turn every developer into AI developer

Christopher Tredger
By Christopher Tredger, Portals editor
Johannesburg, 02 Nov 2023
Juergen Mueller, CTO and executive board member, SAP.
Juergen Mueller, CTO and executive board member, SAP.

SAP has launched a series of GenAI capabilities and a centralised resource hub to help software to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for business applications.

At SAP TechEd 2023 in Bangalore, India, the company announced AI-poweredd pro-code tools and the AI Foundation, offering developers the means to create GenAI extensions and applications on the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Juergen Mueller, SAP's CTO and executive board member, said in today’s technology and business landscape, every developer needs to be an AI developer. 

The newly announced AI tools provide developers with the resources they need to “transform the way businesses run”, he said.

SAP Build Code

The enterprise software company also introduced SAP Build Code solutions which aim to facilitate collaboration with business experts, complementing their low-code SAP Build solutions from 2022.

The upgraded SAP Build Code offers AI-powered productivity tools optimised  optimised for Java and JavaScript development.  It draws on the power of SAP’s new GeneneAI copilot Joule, embedding code generation capabilities for data model, application logic and test script creation.

SAP maintains that good data is the foundation of good AI.

To support AI development, the company’s SAP HANA Cloud now includes vector database features in its multimodel offerings. Vector data stores handle unstructured data like text, images, or audio, improving AI context and quick object retrieval. 

These features enhance interactions between large language models and an organisation’s mission-critical data. According to SAP,  using industry-specific customer data reduces the risk of AI 'hallucinations' or false information being generated.

Demand for skilled developers

SAP aims to upskill two million software developers by 2025.

In addition to the AI Foundation, it has also announced role-based certification and free learning resources for ABAP Cloud developers. Released in 2022, ABAP (advanced business application programming (ABAP) is said to simplifies the development of business applications within SAP environments.

SAP has also partnered with the Stanford Institute for Human-Centred AI to collaborate on research into the intersection of generative AI and business.