SAS course unlocks data literacy fundamentals

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 10 Aug 2023
The second instalment of the SAS data literacy upskilling course is now available online.
The second instalment of the SAS data literacy upskilling course is now available online.

Analytics software provider SAS has introduced the second instalment of its free data literacy e-learning programme.

Initially introduced in 2021, Data Literacy in Practice is an online-based, self-paced learning course that introduces foundational data literacy andpractical skills for learners, educators and professionals.

SAS says the explosion of generative artificial intelligence has accelerated the need for data literacy in a fast-paced, data-driven world.

The course focuses on conceptual and practical understanding rather than mathematical jargon, incorporates real-world examples, and offers modularised content that can be accessed on any device, it states.

“In a world overflowing with data, unlocking its power sets you apart. Data literacy is more relevant than ever for young learners and professionals wishing to upskill and reskill,” says Dr Emily Pressman, who developed the SAS Data Literacy series.

“Our courses are designed to be easily consumed by learners and integrated into instruction and professional development offerings.”

As part of Data Literacy in Practice, SAS says users will have access to Data Literacy Essentials, a SAS course that introduces data basics and strategies for using and interrogating data, discovering meaning, making decisions and communicating data.

SAS notes the combination of the Data Literacy Essentials and Data Literacy in Practice courses will equip users for their next steps in the data literacy journey.

“Using short, impactful, high-quality videos, the course introduces ways data is used in our professional and everyday lives, providing students with an entry-level, but solid foundation of data literacy concepts,” says Paul Hansford, associate professor at Sinclair Community College. “Importantly, the course also addresses ethical considerations of data analysis.”

According to SAS, the Data Literacy Essentials course has been activated in nearly 80 countries by more than 600 colleges and universities, and 3 500 non-academic organisations, including small businesses, large companies and government agencies.