SA’s digital innovators recognised at BCX awards

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 14 Nov 2023
Winners of the fifth annual BCX Digital Innovation Awards.
Winners of the fifth annual BCX Digital Innovation Awards.

ICT services provider BCX has announced the winners of its fifth annual digital innovation awards.

The company this year introduced public sector as a category, and best society and sustainability as a sub-category, says Jan Bouwer, chief of solutions and innovation sponsor at BCX.

The Telkom subsidiary has held the Digital Innovation Awards every year since 2019.

Bouwer says the awards are important for innovation and driving South Africa’s digital transformation.

“In this digital era, where innovative technologies are sculpting the business and public landscapes, we encounter challenges that, with a proactive approach, can transform into opportunities.

“Navigating this intricate terrain demands staying intimately connected with our customers and citizens to consistently challenge established norms by leveraging technology,” adds Bouwer.

In the SME category, the overall prize went to Medsol AI Solutions, which developed an artificial intelligence tool to detect breast cancer.

The Best in Technology accolade went to Momint, which leverages blockchain technology to facilitate crowd-sourced investments in solar power.

The Best in Society and Sustainability Award went to CareConnect. The company’s health information exchange is a digital system that hosts patient information, providing patients with control over what data to share with service providers.

For the public sector category, the overall prize went to the South African Revenue Service, which was recognised for elevating its service offerings through the introduction of an automated assessment system for personal income tax.

The Best in Tech Award in this category went to eThekwini Municipality, which has established a data lake, consolidating all information for the purpose of digitisation, automation and data visualisation.

The Best in Society and Sustainability Award went to the Johannesburg Public Library. The public entity has introduced a mobile e-learning platform aimed at enhancing reading skills and literacy.

The final category saw awards handed to the best private sector organisations. The overall winner was Netcare, which has streamlined records management through the implementation of an electronic medical record system.

Financial firm Absa won the Best Technology Award for its customer engagement innovation, which introduces a data analytics predictive modelling approach to customer experience.

Afrika Tikkun won the Best in Society and Sustainability Award for its free online learning platform, providing low-bandwidth access to internationally-recognised Microsoft certifications.

“We extend our thanks to all participants for being part of this inspiring initiative. Let this celebration of innovation, progress and limitless potential inspire many others to innovate and transform our country into an innovation hub for the continent,” concludes Bouwer.