SAWEA invites submissions for 2023 WindAc Africa

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 26 Jul 2023
Niveshen Govender, SAWEA CEO.
Niveshen Govender, SAWEA CEO.

The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) has called upon renewable energy researchers and university students to submit research paper entries for its 2023 WindAc Africa conference.

The renewable energy industry body’s annual conference will be held in Cape Town, from 3 to 5 October.

The event will offer a platform for university students and researchers looking to break into the green sector, says SAWEA.

In a statement, it says the international conference hopes to welcome 20 students to this year’s event.

The association is looking for talented students to gain exposure to South Africa’s renewable energy sector, and be part of a collaborative networking environment and dialogue, stimulated by experienced researchers and members of the wind industry.

“Corresponding to Windaba’s overarching theme: ‘Beyond the turbines’, this conference will cover technical and policy elements, whilst incorporating socio-economic and environmental aspects of the wind industry,” says Niveshen Govender, CEO of SAWEA.

“It will further emphasise academic interaction across disciplines and work towards establishing a clear roadmap towards achieving a successful power transition to a greater share of renewables.”

The annual conference, which began in 2016, has had attendees from South Africa, US, Denmark, Germany, UK and France. It is hosted by SAWEA, which advocates for the promotion of wind and renewable power investment in SA and Africa.

“The exchange of information, together with a global perspective, offers an ideal opportunity to reflect on the current state of our energy landscape and unpack industry’s readiness to meet our country’s energy needs head-on,” adds Govender.

The attendees will be selected based on research papers submitted on a range of topics. These include: unlocking grid capacity for integration of wind energy into the grid; hybrid projects in the new energy paradigm; wind energy policy and its impact on a clean energy transition; wind energy and green hydrogen; wind energy’s role in the new African market; wind resources in Africa and SA; the future of public and private procurement and wind energy; the economics of wind energy; wind energy and communities; environmental planning for wind energy; operation and maintenance of wind plants; and wind turbine technology for commercial, industrial and utility markets.

The final selection of research papers will be made by a scientific advisory panel. Interested parties must submit their papers by 28 July.

Early this year, SAWEA announced it would double its placements for the 2023 Wind Industry Internship Programme. The industry body said the programme supports the development of specialist skills needed to facilitate the exponential growth of the industry to support the country’s growth.