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Seamless data integration: Empowering IOT providers, data analytics partnerships through Snowflake Data Cloud

Johannesburg, 26 Feb 2024
Ensuring seamless access to critical sensor data.
Ensuring seamless access to critical sensor data.

Sense It Technologies, in partnership with Intellinexus, revolutionises operational efficiency in southern Africa by leveraging sensor data effectively. Sense It Technologies, a leading sensor provider, collaborates with Intellinexus, renowned for innovation and expertise in data technology. By integrating with Snowflake Data Cloud, Sense It ensures seamless access to critical sensor data across sectors like retail, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and agriculture.

The Intellinexus team of strategic data technologists empowers organisations to navigate dynamic environments. Intellinexus specialises in turning data into actionable insights, fostering adaptive, data-driven organisations. Intellinexus adopts a structured approach, emphasising innovation and leveraging the latest developments in data analytics. Through their D.R.I.V.E framework, they provide strategic guidance to help organisations achieve better business outcomes.

Challenges faced by industries:

Retail sector: The retail industry faces challenges in maintaining the integrity of cold and heat chains, risking product spoilage and quality degradation. Sense It Technologies’ sensors offer real-time monitoring and data-driven insights, enabling retailers to proactively manage temperature conditions, minimise risks and optimise supply chain efficiency.

Food and beverage industry: Quality control, compliance with regulations and supply chain traceability are paramount in the food and beverage sector. Monitoring temperature, humidity and other environmental factors is essential for preserving product integrity.

Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceuticals require stringent monitoring of environmental conditions to ensure product efficacy and regulatory compliance. Any deviation in temperature or humidity can compromise the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products.

Cold storage: Maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels in cold storage facilities is critical for preserving perishable goods. Even minor fluctuations can lead to spoilage and significant financial losses.

Wineries and breweries: Temperature, humidity and light exposure significantly impact the quality of wines and beers. Precise monitoring is essential throughout the production and storage processes to maintain product consistency and flavour profiles.

Agriculture: In agriculture, factors such as soil moisture, temperature and weather conditions directly influence crop yields and quality. Access to real-time data enables farmers to make informed decisions regarding irrigation, fertilisation and pest control.

Solution provided by Sense It Technologies and Intellinexus:

Advanced sensor technology

Sense It Technologies provides cutting-edge sensors capable of monitoring various environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity, pressure and light exposure, among others.

Integration with Snowflake Data Cloud

Intellinexus integrates IOT sensor readings that are seamlessly streamed real-time into Snowflake, ensuring secure storage and access to data.

Multi-tenant functionality

Leveraging Snowflake Data Cloud multi-tenant functionality, clients who already have Snowflake can easily access their sensor data without the need for complex data integration processes or additional costs through secure data sharing. If you are not a Snowflake customer, no problem, Intellinexus can provide you with a reader account.

Customised analytics and insights

Intellinexus utilises its expertise to analyse sensor data and provide actionable insights to clients. From predictive maintenance schedules to demand forecasting, clients benefit from data-driven decision-making.

Scalable and flexible architecture

The solution is designed to scale on demand with the growing needs of businesses, accommodating expansions, acquisitions and new market demands seamlessly.

Benefits for clients:

Improved operational efficiency: Real-time access to sensor data enables businesses to identify inefficiencies, optimise processes and minimise downtime.

Enhanced product quality: Precise monitoring of environmental conditions ensures the quality and safety of products across various industries, leading to higher customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Cost reduction: Proactive maintenance schedules and optimised resource utilisation result in cost savings for businesses.

Compliance and regulatory adherence: Businesses can demonstrate compliance with industry regulations and standards through comprehensive data monitoring and reporting.

Competitive advantage: By harnessing the power of sensor data, clients gain a competitive edge in their respective markets, driving innovation and growth.


Sense It Technologies, in partnership with Intellinexus, has successfully addressed the diverse needs of industries across southern Africa by providing advanced sensor solutions integrated with Snowflake Data Cloud. Through real-time data monitoring, analysis and insights, businesses can enhance operational efficiency, ensure product quality and maintain regulatory compliance. With a scalable and flexible architecture, the solution continues to empower organisations to thrive in an increasingly dynamic operating environment.