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Service the bedrock of Camsoft, Maximizer’s operational CRM ethos

By Mark Annett, Head of CRM Sales and Consulting at Camsoft Solutions

Johannesburg, 14 Jun 2023

Camsoft Solutions has been actively involved in supplying, servicing and supporting customer relationship management (CRM) solutions since 1995 and is a certified Maximizer software solution provider. Maximizer, in turn, is an international, world-leading CRM software supplier. Together, Camsoft and Maximizer share the philosophy that "service is the bedrock of our operational ethos".

It is useful to clarify here that the goal of CRM software solutions is to improve a company’s customer service relationships, and in this way, to promote customer retention and help to drive sales growth and revenue. A good CRM software system consolidates customer information into a single database, allowing the business to nurture existing relationships while continuing to effectively manage new opportunities.

In the quest to promote and enable our clients’ customer relationships, Camsoft – ably supported by Maximizer – first ensures that our own operational ethos is built with service as its foundational bedrock.

A powerful – and empowering – business model

From an operational perspective, Maximizer has ensured that it works only with quality partners, rather than dealing with individual clients directly. This results in a business model that is both powerful and empowering:

  • All partners are exceptionally well-trained and supported by Maximizer;
  • Maximizer provides its partners with all the information required to provide clients with top-notch service and resolve any customer query; and
  • Maximizer has therefore created a supply chain logistics path to resolve all client queries as fast as possible.

In this regard, it has always been our experience that Maximizer ensures its partners are thoroughly trained and offered support, assistance and solutions at all times. This, in turn, helps Camsoft, as a certified Maximizer software solution provider, to ensure that service always lies at the heart of the offering to our own clients.

Longstanding partnerships

The net result is that Camsoft is dedicated to the Maximizer partnership for the long term, with our experience, service and track record very evident: many of our team members have worked for Camsoft since the year 2000, and the founder since the mid-1990s.

The support received from Maximizer has, in turn, helped us to forge longstanding, meaningful relationships with our own clients, some of whom we have partnered with – as Maximizer end-users – for over two decades.

The pivotal value of support

Maximizer is a sophisticated product and it needs to be implemented optimally to allow users to realise a full return on investment.

It is therefore an imperative for Camsoft to know that the support is always available to us, from Maximizer – enabling us to answer any questions and queries we may receive from our clients. This helps us, in turn, to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and to the 100% satisfaction of the end customer. With Maximizer’s global footprint of partners and clients, critical after-hours support is also readily available at all times.

Further to this, the localised CRM support Camsoft provides is skilled and cost-effective, which in these times of economic uncertainty is an additional value-add to our clients.

Joining the dots

At Camsoft Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to ‘join the dots’ and pre-emptively anticipate – and meet – our clients’ requirements, often before they ask. This is largely due to our substantial expertise, knowledge, longstanding relationships and ability to predict our clients' needs. Very importantly, in addition to these factors, our excellent partnership with Maximizer is pivotal.

In conclusion, we are continually empowered by Maximizer, which has risen to the occasion again and again, ensuring that all the tools and support required are always provided. We are therefore proud to be in partnership with Maximizer and to know that for them – as for Camsoft – service is the bedrock of their operational ethos. 


Camsoft Solutions

Camsoft Solutions has been in existence for some 30 years and proudly offers an internationally-acclaimed CRM system that is supported by local expertise. We have built up deep knowledge and longstanding client relationships, with an ability to pre-emptively anticipate and meet our clients’ requirements.

Camsoft Solutions has partnered with international, world-leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) software supplier Maximizer’s CRM solutions, which provides the business intelligence, profiling and understanding that allows our clients to benefit from a 360-degree view of their clients.

This assists them in drilling down into the greatest detail about their customers. With this comes an easy integration of information across different divisions within a company. The net result is the ability to share information and maximise customer service, improving sales and financial returns as a result.

Camsoft Solutions works across a wide range of industries - there is no vertical industry where our CRM system and service offering will not be able to assist businesses in improving sales, productivity and ultimately, their bottom line. Our client portfolio features companies in varied industries as engineering, banking and renewable energy, to name a few.

We offer longevity of relationships: many of our team members have worked in our company since the year 2000, and the founder since the mid-1990s. In turn, many of our clients have been with Camsoft, using Maximiser CRM, for over 2 decades.

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