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Seven benefits of including e-mail in your digital marketing strategy

Johannesburg, 27 Sep 2023
E-mail allows for precise targeting.
E-mail allows for precise targeting.

In today's digital age, e-mail marketing remains a staple for businesses seeking to connect with their audiences, promote products or services and foster customer relationships. While e-mail has been around since 1971, it is anything but outdated, as it remains effective and continues to adapt to trends.

Here are seven compelling reasons to make e-mail part of your digital marketing:

Benefit 1: It is easy to track and analyse

Modern e-mail marketing platforms provide robust tracking and analytics tools. You can monitor open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates and more. Over time, this data can enable you to refine your campaigns for better results.

Benefit 2: It is budget-friendly

One of the most significant advantages of e-mail marketing is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to traditional advertising methods like print, media or TV, sending e-mails to your subscribers is incredibly affordable. You can reach a wide audience without breaking the bank.

Benefit 3: It is targeted

E-mail allows for precise targeting. You can segment your e-mail list based on demographics, behaviour or preferences, ensuring that your messages are relevant to each recipient. This increases the likelihood of engagement and conversions of offers.

Benefit 4: It offers a high ROI

Thanks to its targeted and cost-effective nature, e-mail boasts an unparalleled return on investment (ROI). Recipients of your built-up database are also generally eager to receive communications from you; otherwise, they would simply opt out. This is why e-mails exhibit impressive open and click-through rates, potentially boosting your website traffic.

Benefit 5: It can reach audiences far and wide

Did you know there are over 4 billion e-mail users worldwide? Nearly all adults with access to a computer or smartphone possess an e-mail address, often multiple ones. E-mail allows you to reach individuals across the globe, spanning multiple time zones.

Benefit 6: It is non-intrusive and convenient

E-mail is non-intrusive and easily accessible on various devices with minimal data usage. Unlike social media or web advertisements, e-mails do not overwhelm or irritate recipients. They can be read at the recipient's leisure.

Benefit 7: It can be automated

Advanced technology makes it possible for e-mail platforms to accommodate automated campaigns, such as welcome e-mails, abandoned cart reminders and drip campaigns. Automation saves time and ensures that your subscribers receive relevant content when they need it.

Using e-mail as part of your digital marketing efforts can be highly effective. It is affordable, targeted and delivers a high ROI, making it a worthwhile addition to your overall strategy. Added to this, e-mail has evolved and offers businesses next-level targeting tools and automation. 


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