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Seven tips to turn your side hustle into a small business

Johannesburg, 08 Jan 2024
What sets your side hustle apart?
What sets your side hustle apart?

After investing months of effort and commitment, your side hustle is successfully addressing customer needs, drawing in new business and generating revenue. What comes next? Should you pursue your small business dreams and run your business full-time? Why not! Here are some tips to get you started.

Stand out for being you

Before scaling up, it's crucial to clearly define what sets your side hustle apart. Identify your unique selling points and the specific value you bring to your customers. This will serve as the foundation for your business strategy and branding as you expand.

Get online!

It all starts with a domain name. Register your domain name and build a professional website that reflects your brand, showcases your products or services, and provides easy ways for customers to contact you. Leverage social media platforms to engage with your audience and build a community around your business.

Get help when the time is right

As your business grows, wearing multiple hats may become overwhelming. Consider delegating tasks or outsourcing non-core functions to focus on activities that drive growth. This may involve hiring freelancers, contractors or even bringing on part-time employees.

Think beyond word-of-mouth marketing

To attract a larger customer base, invest in marketing strategies tailored to your target audience. Utilise both online and offline channels, including social media marketing, e-mail campaigns and traditional advertising. Consistent and strategic marketing efforts will contribute to sustained growth.

Don't be a one-hit wonder!

Explore opportunities to diversify your product or service offerings. This can involve creating complementary products, expanding into related markets or introducing subscription services. Diversification not only increases revenue but also enhances the resilience of your business.

The customer is always right!

Exceptional customer service is a powerful tool for customer retention and word-of-mouth referrals. As your business expands, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction becomes even more crucial. Implement efficient communication channels and actively seek customer feedback to continuously improve your offerings.

Keep a close eye on your finances

Ensure that you keep tabs on your business finances to ensure sustainability. Use accounting software to track income, expenses and profitability. Regularly review your financial statements and adjust your strategies based on the insights gained.

Turning your side hustle into a small business requires careful planning, dedication and a willingness to adapt. As you navigate the transition, remember to stay passionate about your small business and remain open to learning from the experiences that come with scaling up. 


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