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Shaping tomorrow's industry leaders: TrueNorth Group launches to foster AI entrepreneurial excellence

TrueNorth Group's Initiative empowers young data grads to revolutionise AI entrepreneurship, fostering innovation and success.

Centurion, 03 Aug 2023
The incubation programme is tailored for data-savvy graduates.
The incubation programme is tailored for data-savvy graduates.

TrueNorth Group once again invests in the future by opening entries for its initiative. is a visionary incubation programme tailored exclusively for young, data-savvy graduates. This enterprising initiative empowers entrepreneurs armed with innovative data expertise to seize the AI frontier and forge transformative businesses that will reshape industries as we know them.

The incubator is designed to fuel the aspirations of data graduates, bridging the gap between raw potential and impactful innovation. The programme calls on visionary tech trailblazers to submit their proposals, showcasing bold AI business concepts with the potential to disrupt markets and scale to new heights. Emphasising the importance of this programme, Hardus Odendaal, CEO of TrueNorth Group, asserts: "We believe that data graduates hold the key to the next wave of technological breakthroughs. is a platform to unleash their limitless potential and redefine the landscape of AI-driven entrepreneurship."

McKinsey research estimates the potential economic value at stake from applied AI to be $17 trillion to $26 trillion. The potential for AI-driven innovation is undeniable, and TrueNorth Group's initiative aims to be at the forefront of this transformation, nurturing and accelerating the growth of AI start-ups.

Selected participants of will receive not only robust financial backing of up to R500 000, but also gain access to an expansive support ecosystem. This includes state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, expert mentoring from seasoned industry leaders, and a thriving co-working space that fosters collaboration and creativity. TrueNorth Group MD, Hennie Fouché, elaborates: "At TrueNorth Group, we believe that innovation flourishes in an environment that encourages collective wisdom and experimentation. embodies this spirit of community and empowerment."

To be considered for this high-octane AI arena, aspiring graduates are encouraged to demonstrate commitment, presenting a high-level business plan, and displaying the potential to build a working prototype within a tight six-month timeframe. TrueNorth Group's unparalleled support in development, branding, legal acumen and strategic business planning ensures these entrepreneurs have the tools and guidance they need to succeed.

Entries are open from August to October 2023 with incubation period starting in 2024. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present their groundbreaking ventures to a diverse group of potential investors during the demo stage. "Demo day is a celebration of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. It is an opportunity for these young data graduates to shine and attract further funding for their ventures, fuelling the cycle of progress," Odendaal remarks.

In the realm of data and AI, success stories abound. Across 63 use cases McKinsey analysed, generative AI has the potential to generate $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion in value across industries. As the AI landscape continues to evolve, TrueNorth Group's emerges as a beacon of hope for young data graduates, offering them a chance to carve their legacy in the AI revolution.

This is a call to all young data graduates with a fiery ambition for AI dominion. Turn your data prowess into a success – apply now to at


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